Am I crazy...

So I began homeschooling last year for first grade.  I want to do it this year again so badly.  I just feel like this is what are family is supposed to do.  I just recently took on a job that will allow me to work from home.  I just have to go in 2X a month.  Last year I worked from home as well, but it was literally 10 hours a week.  I couldn't pass this job up, it was such an amazing career opportunity...and it completely fell in my lap.

 So my question is for you other homeschool moms that have a job as well... is it possible to do it all... work 30-40 hours a week and still homeschool... What does this look like for you???

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Re: Am I crazy...

  • With only one in school I think working as you're describing is totally doable.  If you have several kids in school, not so much.

    I work two days a week (from homeish - I go into the office sometimes) and we don't do school those days because it's too chaotic.  We school three days a week year-round and it works for us.  Only you know what you're able to handle and what will work for your family!

  • I'm still hung up between homeschooling and private school. If we homeschool I will still have to work. I work as a massage therapist so weekends are a great time for me to make money. I will also pick up a few weekdays and try to send LO to his grandmothers. I would work afternoons and evenings during the week so that we could do lessons early on in the day. It's doable I would just think that you have to be well organized and make sure that he has things to do with the sitter. 

    This has been my biggest conflict between sending him to school or not. I want to further my career as well as provide him with a great education :) 

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