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I'm sure this has been posted, but I haven't been around lately & honestly didn't look back to see... but anywho, are there any LO's out there who are still using paci's?

E uses hers sometimes still. Not THAT frequently, but I guess I just want to see where everyone is at with this. I've heard of some moms who are starting to wean them off after they get them off the bottles...but I don't think she's ready to be without her bink (as we call itWink) yet.


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Re: pacifiers

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    DS still uses his especially in the car and for sleep. Recently he's been using it more because we've been traveling and I guess using it is more comfortable for him. So he's been more attached to it lately.
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    He still uses his quite a bit.  He seems to always find them even when I take them away from him!  I don't mind him using them, but I find he isn't babbling as much when he has them so I try to limit their use.  I will let him use it for a while longer though.  He doesn't have a "lovey," stuffed animal, blanket, etc. or anything else he really likes so he needs the paci for comfort.
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    I tried taking it away when we took away the bottle but I caved. :P

    DS uses the paci for naps, bedtime, the car, or if he's very upset..

    It may seem like a lot but the paci used to be clipped to him at all times. I don't clip the paci to him at all anymore.

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    We just use our for sleep time. Naptime, naps in the car, and night time.
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    DD uses a paci to sleep at home, but takes her naps on a cot at school with no paci. I am not worried about getting rid of it yet. DS lost interest on his own around 18 months, so maybe dd will do the same.
    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
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