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F/U to fever/sick post

H took DS to the walk in doctor this morning and found out he has pneumonia. I'm glad we took him in because his fever was getting better last night. Now he is on antibiotics and breathing treatment 3x a day to help his lungs. The pedi said that he will probably have the fever for a few more days and won't eat much but keep him hydrated. I'm so sad and sit at work with such a heavy heart. H and I have to take turns staying home with him this week. And giving him the breathing treatment is like 5 to 10 min of torture!
Anyone been through this?

ETA: thank you all for providing me with advice and comfort in the other post. I really appreciate it.

Re: F/U to fever/sick post

  • Ahhhh poor little guy! no advice just wanted to wish your LO a speedy recovery!
  • Oh no! Get feeling better fast!
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  • So sorry to hear your LO is sick!  I hope things get better quickly! 


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