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Theme: Patty-Cake. Ideas?

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Hey everyone!

I'm planning a first birthday for my second son in a couple weeks. He loves patty-cake and I thought I would do that for the theme since it's his favorite thing. However, the only thing I've thought of so far is to put a "V" on the cake like in the rhyme (for Vincent). It's a small family party. Guest list is 9 guests plus the four of us. The kids there will be 1, 2, 3, 8 and 11. Rest are adults. Here's what I need help with.

Time of day? It's going to be Saturday the 20th and my dad can only come if it's in the evening. So, if it's in the evening, I'll need to serve dinner as well as cake. What should dinner be?

Since many of the kids are small, should I do a game/craft, or should I just skip it? If I should, what could it be?

Party favors? Necessary? What would be some good ideas?


Update: The party was a success - see last post for what we decided to go with. Thanks for your feedback!




Re: Theme: Patty-Cake. Ideas?

  • It would be cute to have the kids help make cookies or cupcakes and then they can decorate them and mark them with their initial. For d?cor I would just pick a color scheme and stick with that. You could make a printable with the rhyme on it and frame it.


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  • This is a cute, but tough theme! I like the previous suggestion about having kids help make and decorate cookies or cupcakes. You could also have cheap chefs hats as party hats, maybe even let kids decorate their own? 
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  • These are all excellent suggestions! Thank you! I'll let the board know how it goes!



  • nah82nah82 member
    Chicken "Patty" sandwiches and hamburgers (hamburger patties)?  Pies, pie pops, or cute little mini pies.  Peppermint Patties in favor bags?  Or maybe play dough with a rolling pin or cookie cutter as a favor.  You could decorate with rolling pins and other baking implements.  I would not bother with games/craft.  Organized activities are difficult with 1-3 year olds and the 8 and 11 year old might feel like they are too grown up for anything that would appeal to the younger ones.
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  • Baker's hats and little baker aprons would be cute, especially if there was a cupcake decorating activity. 

    I don't think favors are necessary, but if you were going to do them, you could use brown paper bags and stamp/print "FLOUR" or "SUGAR" or other baker's terms on them.  In that vein, you could decorate with little plastic rolling pins, cupcake liners, flour sacks, sugar canisters, etc. 

    For dinner, I like the other ideas of chicken "patties" if you want to do a theme dinner.  Otherwise, go for "tapas" - style.  Small, heavy appetizers in a buffet so you don't have to do a formal dinner.  You could also go the "pie" route with a chicken pot pie or spaghetti pie....

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  • I thought I'd give an update in case anyone was wondering/wanting to do this idea.

    For dinner, I went with Pizza. Simple, easy and "baked", so it worked. On the pepperoni one I had them arrange the pepperoni in a "V" shape.

    My husband baked a chocolate triple-layer cake with buttercream frosting. We piped a "V" on it, too.

    I made paper chef hats for all the kids (and my husband) and for the favor I made aprons. I let the kids wear the hats and aprons while they piped icing onto sugar cookies that I had pre-baked.

    We also had balloons, presents, soda, all the usual things. It went over really well and I think everyone had a lot of fun. I would recommend it if anyone's looking for a first birthday "theme".



  • Thanks so much for the update and asking in the first place! I had this idea for my daughter's first birthday and couldn't find or think of any ideas!! I think I'll have the kids decorate cupcakes and wear chef hats. So cute!!
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