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Anyone else's LO...

still not walking? DS was a late June fact, almost a July baby because he was overcooked a week so he is still on the young side. He is just getting SO heavy to carry around all.the.time. I'm curious if anyone else has a LO that still isn't walking yet. He gets around the furniture like a maniac but the minute he lets go he puts his bum right on the floor....immediate spaghetti legs!

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Re: Anyone else's LO...

  • Mine's not walking yet either. His birthday was June 11th. He speed crawls and cruises, but no walking!
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  • DD is a late June baby (29th) and she was mostly only walking along furniture and taking no more than about 4 or 5 steps until about a week ago at her Bday. She was playing with her cousins who all are walking now and I think seeing them made it just click for her. The next day she took off walking, changing direction and standing up with no assistance. It was like she flipped a switch. I wouldn't be surprised if one day he just gets up and goes for it. For us it happened out of no where!
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  • DD is not walking yet. She is also from the 11th. Not worried.
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  • Not walking by himself but has taken a few steps here and there and will always walk if he has someone's hand to hold onto.
  • I wouldn't worry about it, especially because even if they CAN walk at 12 months, they often dont. At least not in the circumstances where you'd need to be carrying them or put them in a stroller, kwim? My little guy started walking right before his first birthday, but if I put him on the sidewalk or try to get him to hold my hand to go somewhere, he's not interested. I still carry him a lot outside the home.
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  • DS started walking at 11 months...he walks really well and even runs. However, the moment were outside, like a pp said, he's in my arms and I still carry him everywhere! 
  • DS has a mid-June birthday, and he has only started taking independent steps in the past week. He mainly crawls to get where he wants. But I get what you mean, OP. When we were at the pool with a friend and her 2 year old a few weeks ago, I was so envious that she could have both hands free to grab a snack, apply sunscreen, etc. When we went a week later and DS was able to stand on his own, it made things easier even though I had to carry him a lot.


  • Don't worry about it. DD took her first steps at 12 months and DS at 14 months. they will do it when they are ready. DS was one of the last ones I knew to walk at his dc and now I love the fact that he was more "babyish" much longer :)
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  • She's taken like, 6 steps combined. She's on the chubby side with a longer torso, so I think her center of gravity is a little bit off ;)  
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  • Ha!  DS didn't walk until he was 17 months.  Talk about heavy.

    DD started walking between 10-11 months.  All kids are different!


    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
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