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Intro.. (Prematurely Aging Placenta)

Hi ladies, after reading through some of the threads on this board I get the feeling you guys are really helpful and supportive of one another. I hope I can contribute to that now that I belong here too. 

I'm almost 18 weeks, and have been in and out of the hospital with dehydration and vomiting since about week 5. I have struggled with stomach issues and anxiety since the beginning. For a couple weeks in the beginning I ate like a horse, but that came to a halt and I've had trouble eating enough and keeping food down ever since. I didn't really feel that this put me at "high risk" necessarily but after my doctor's appt yesterday I can't stop crying and worrying. I was told I have a grade 2 placenta. My doctor has always kept his cool and been so sweet and supportive through everything, but yesterday I saw worry in his face. He's sending me to a maternal-fetal specialist, and has already sent my ultrasound pictures to 2 other specialists to get their input. I'm not, and never have been, a smoker. My blood pressure is perfect and I'm not diabetic. (The 3 main causes of this) There isn't a whole lot of research about a prematurely aging placenta this early in pregnancy, most cases are at 28-30 weeks and beyond. I can't really find any information that helps me feel better. 

Has anyone else dealt with this?


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Re: Intro.. (Prematurely Aging Placenta)

  • I'm sorry you have to be on this board, but welcome/  

    I don't have experience with this, but I have a high risk pregnancy due to GD and IUGR. 

    I too felt somewhat betrayed by those diagnoses. I have never been overweight, smoked, used drugs or ate a very poor diet. Additionally, I am only 25 and my pre-pregnancy weight was 110 lbs. I also had no family history of diabetes or complicated pregnancies. I was not prepared for this, but I have found a lot of support on this board.  

    Good luck with your LO and keep us updated.  




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    Welcome and sorry you are going through this.  You are in my thoughts and prayers and just know you will find a lot of helpful people here.
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  • Hi there. I am lurking. Spent a lot of time on this board when I was pregnant with DS last year. 

    I too had hyperemesis, and it was hell. I was very depressed for most of my pregnancy because of the relentless nausea and vomiting. I spent a lot of time in the ED getting rehydrated. So, I know I am very late on this thread, but I want you to know that you are not alone! And the feelings you are expressing are probably also related to the stress of being so sick. Are you taking zofran? I took it the entire time (and with a lot of guilt in the beginning), but it really helped. And I also took half a unisom at night. Getting sleep is so so important, and I would've thrown up all night if it hadn't been for that drug. It was a miracle for me. Of course, it's a personal choice, but you should know that there are options out there. I hope that you already do!!

    On to the placenta... They have amazing technology that will allow them to monitor how the baby is doing. Whatever you do, try to find a way to stay as relaxed as possible. I was so stressed all of the time with our high risk issues (unrelated to yours but scary all the same). I really hope things go well, and that you get good news, and feel better soon. 

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  • Hi!  I'm 26.2 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins.  At 21 weeks, I found out that I have 2 unhealthy aged 2 placentas.  At 12 weeks pregnant, I had extreme bleeding.  I was told that this is normal for twins and both of my babies were perfect size.  At my 17 week apt Baby A was 2 weeks behind, Baby B was 1 week behind, so still everything else looked fine, so no worries.  Then the 21 week apt came and both of my babies were 4 weeks behind.  I was told then that they both have placentas Aged 2 and that I would lose my babies at 24 weeks. I now at 26.2 weeks and my babies are still here, kicking strong, good heartbeats, and good fluid and only their size is a concern (each 1/2 pound, should be 1 1/2 pound).  Because of the placentas, my babies are not getting enough nutrition and is causing the lack of growth. 

    I'm not sure what MFM is going to tell you, but for me, they are very negative and will not give you a lot of hope.  You need to have hope for your baby!  God is in control, not them.  I still praying for my miracle and got has answered, as my babies have beaten all the odds and are growing, but on their terms.

    I hope the best for you and hope you have a better outcome than my LOs.

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