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VERY annoyed by Amazon

Another fail by Amazon! I ordered a Melissa and Doug Shopping cart for Vincent and I have a prime membership and THEIR website said if I ordered it that day, July 3rd, it was guaranteed to be here by July 6th. I got an email it was shipped and wouldn't be here till July 8th. What the hell happened to July 6th!?

So I call Amazon and they say "Well yesterday was a Holiday so no mail services were available" Ok I understand that but YOU guaranteed it was going to get to me by July 6th so YOU should have chosen a faster shipping service since it was a mistake on your end. They tried to claim that someone probably didn't update the website because of the holiday. I said "Well Amazon should have been more prepared, July 4th comes the same day every year"

I ended up getting $10 in credit added to my account but that doesn't get the toy here any faster. The guy on the phone said he would relay a message so this doesn't happen again next 4th of July and I told him "Well you need to make sure this doesn't happen on ANY holidays" If a company guarantees something they NEED to stand behind that guarantee. They messed up and should have shipped it faster and eaten the difference but nooooo they try to be sneaky and hope the customer doesn't notice it.  The funny thing is I ordered it in the early afternoon on July 3rd so they easily could have shipped it that day but they waited till TODAY to ship it.


On Top of that our UPS usually delivers towards the end of the day so ya....2 day shipping turns into 4.  Ok end rant.

Re: VERY annoyed by Amazon

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    I've had the Amazon website do that to me but in the end the product was actually delivered to me on time.
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    well on the brighter side u got 10 bucks for another toy :)
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    well on the brighter side u got 10 bucks for another toy :

    LoL ya I guess.
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