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Potty Training

A Big Brown Smudge on My Day

I am under a lot of pressure to PT.

I am on summer vacation and I have to return to work in six weeks. DS will be 4 in the fall and I want to enroll him in preschool or headstart or something better than "Daddy's Friend's House of Cartoons and Cheetos". Everybody and their Mama is telling me stories about how their LOs were fully trained at 3 years,     2 years, 15 months!

So I counted today as a victory.

We started out rocky: DS waited until after he had been sitting on the potty for 20 minutes to obliterate his pull up and I withheld his reward. Then we went out visiting for the fourth and anytime he ate, drank or even jumped too high I took him right to the bathroom, resulting in his Bat Signal (the indicator on his pull ups) to stay put all day. When we got home, he sat on the toilet and went #1 and #2. I felt like I won the Superbowl and he finally got his treat.

Then it was bath time. He started panicking 5 minutes in and asking to get out....NOW. I got him out and started cleaning up his tub toys and there it was. Poop. Lots of it.

I cried and DS immediately started apologizing. I'm still crying.

What am I doing wrong? I can't help but to think that this is all my fault. All those nights of staying up finishing my work should have been devoted to making sure he was on the potty consistently. I should have made sure I could afford a good enough babysitter that would follow through on training him while I was at work.

And now here I am, cleaning the logs of an almost 4 year old boy out of my tub.  

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