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Whose using rewards to PT?

We initially tried with a sticker chart but she grew tired of that.  Several months later, she is going all of the time at daycare but absolutely refuses to use the potty at home.  We tried putting underwear on her last weekend and asking her if she could keep them dry but that didn't work at all.  She had potty tantrums.

So we're stepping it up by giving her a treat for using the potty.  She is really excited to use it now but I am conflicted about using treats (she gets two Raisinettes) to motivate her.  Has anyone done this and did it work long-term?  Or should we just wait a few months until she decides to use the potty all of the time?  She is 29 months.  TIA.

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Re: Whose using rewards to PT?

  • DD loves wearing Minnie or Tinkerbell underwear. So her reward for staying dry and using the potty is that she gets to wear underwear instead of a pull up.

    For a #2 in the potty, we use either 1 or 2 small marshmallows or fruit snacks. I think we get Motts fruit snacks which are easy for her to chew and made with fruit and veggie juices (I know they aren't "healthy", but for a treat, they aren't too bad). 

    I would continue with the treats if it gets her to use the potty. Then fade them out once she gets the hang of it. 

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  • We used candy. I know, I know I get grief over it from family, but we have a "treat bucket" and she gets to pick something out of it. When we phased out the treats she stopping going. So I brought them back and we haven't had an accident in weeks. We have begun phasing them out again distracting her to something else(it doesn't always work, but it sometimes does) Hey if works, it works.
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  • 1 m&m worked for my friend's two kids. Not for my daughter. We even tried princess undies and told her it would make the princess' cry if she peed on them. She was tougher to train because nothing seemed to motivate her. After her fourth birthday my husband had enough. We made her sit at the table all day to read, play puzzles, color and such. The chair had plastic on it. She either peed on herself or went to potty. After the first two days she hated sitting at the table and finally went potty in the potty so she could do other things. I think it's a mean method, but we a bit stressed for time with kindergarten coming up. My son is way easier. He loves the stickers as a reward and wearing big boy pants. We started with blue food coloring in the potty and let him play IPad while he tries. All kids are different. If candy works, it's not the worst.
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  • We started with mini marshmallows. She would ask for them every time. It's been a few weeks now and last week we ran out. I told her I'd get more at the store but she hasn't asked since.
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  • We used mini marshmallows and sticker chart (a free printable I found online) for my twins. When they filled a whole sticker chart, they also got to pick a prize (dollar store toy).  This lasted for about 2 weeks, and then we would only give the marshmallow/sticker if they asked.
  • I give a couple m&m's. When DS is at my parents house he gets a coin for his bank or a dollar for poop.



  • My 2 year old isn't totally trained yet but when he goes he gets money - coins or bills, whatever we happen to have! 
    He loves it, tells you when he finishes "I get money"
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