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Do you use a sleep clock?

We have a 4yo dd and 2 1/2yo ds. They are always up in the morning by 5:30 5:45am. I would be ok with early risers if they woke up well rested and didn't have a meltdown about every little thing for the first two hours they are awake. I am considering one of those clocks that stays one color until it is ok to get up. Anyone had any luck with them? Can you recommend on?
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Re: Do you use a sleep clock?

  • Bmac11Bmac11 member

    We use the My Tot Clock and love it.   My son has always been a great sleeper but was starting to get up earlier and earlier.  I researched most of the sleep clocks out there and felt the My Tot Clock had enough features to make it worth the money. 

     Our son loves it.  He will run to his room at night when he hears the story start.  No arguments about going to bed at all.  Other than a few mornings of getting up too early, he has done very well.  He waits for it to turn yellow and then knows it is ok to get up. 

  • We got one that looks like a stoplight.  He has started sleeping a little later and when he does wake up, the rule is he can play in his room, but not come out until it turns green.  I don't know how much more sleep he is getting, but I'm getting more! :)


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  • We also have a MyTotClock.  She knows she has to stay in bed until it's yellow.  That doesn't stop her from (often) getting up half an hour earlier, but she doesn't get out of bed.

    My daughter always had a tough time transitioning from sleep to awake.  And if I try to push her through it (like because we need to get somewhere in the morning), she meltsdown over the smallest things.  So, you may find that the time in the morning isn't the issue, so much as the process.

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  • We have the blue one with the bunny and we like it. We had to sit with her the first couple mornings until the bunny woke up, but then she got it.
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  • I just got the onaroo teach me time clock for my boys. My 3 year old loves it and it has really helped him rest more. My 20 month old kinda gets it and I'm hoping in a week or so he'll understand. I kinda wish I would have gotten a timer and a cute light, would have served the same purpose and been much less expensive.
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