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Advice for managing 2 under 1?

My husband and I have just welcomed our newest little one on June 12th and our first born is 11 months today. I can't believe it has already been three weeks since we brought our daughter home from the hospital and things still haven't settled into a routine yet. The routine that was working so well before is suddenly useless and I seem to spend my entire day redirecting my adventurous son to safety, and overall (sometimes literally) running from child to child with milk, clean diapers, toys and short but sweet bursts of attention. I am filling every moment when both babies are sleeping with household tasks. By the end of the day I am ready to collapse. Oh and did I mention my 11 month old still, for the most part, refuses to eat solid food? He enjoys holding and eating pieces of fruit, veg and bread, but only in snack-size portions and only 2-3 times a day. I suppose it doesn't help that he has three teeth coming in right now but it would be nice to get him on a more solid diet. How are other mothers managing life with two under one? 

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  • Mine are 14 months apart, so not quite as close as yours!  I'd love to say that it's easy to manage kids that are close in age, but honestly it's exhausting!  It gets a tad easier when you can align naps but you've got awhile before that happens.  My best advice is to accept any help that is offered and to ask for help when you need it.  Best of luck!
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    You are kind of in survival mode right now.  Don't get too worked up about housework.  Once they both are sleeping through the night, life gets easier.  Just make sure you have a really well babyproofed area for your older one if you have to tend to the younger one.
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    You are kind of in survival mode right now.  Don't get too worked up about housework.  Once they both are sleeping through the night, life gets easier.  Just make sure you have a really well babyproofed area for your older one if you have to tend to the younger one.

    This! This is the only thing that saved me. Don't focus too much on housework. (: 

  • Mine seemed to get easier fairly quickly. DS wasn't walking yet when DD was born, which was actually horrible, because he was in the pulling up but falling over and crashing into everything phase. I was trying to stop his head injuries and not drop the nb. My biggest helps were: 

    The living room is large and baby gated. We stayed in here most of the day so I wasn't chasing him around the house or out of site.

    I used the super yard panels to separately fence off a corner of the living room that was 100% safe with the super fun toys. When I had to nurse/feed DD and he was being pesky he went in there. Having an area that he could do no damage in was amazing.

    Prepared all bottles, meals, etc. the night before when DH was home. Whether it was just cutting up the fruit, preportioning oatmeal, etc. it was so helpful. It's all of the little things that will get you. Especially bottles- I would measure out the water in a million bottles ahead of time and portion powder into the formula dispensers. I had a bin on the couch that all bottle stuff went into the night before. 

    I made a changing station in the living room so I wasn't hauling both to the nurseries every few minutes (it feels like that doesn't it?) One tote for her and one for him with their essentials- diapers, wipes, snot sucker, ointments, etc.

    One of the biggest helps was just plain not giving a fluck about what the house looks like during the day. My job at that point was to keep 2u1 fed, happy, and alive. A load of laundry could be quickly thrown in here or there when DH was home. I wasn't going to fret trying to clean when there are waaaaay too many things to do in the first few months.  

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  • I'm right there with u!! It is so difficult one asleep and one awake, one starts crying its a chain reaction!!! Hopefully u have a family member on hand to help I know that just an hour shower is a blessed event in ur life! My advice is dont stress about orderliness and shaved legs, matched socks, or dishes If it gets done hooray if not someone in the family ahem hubby will eventually step in
  • What about babysitters in the neighborhood? College girls or girls in high school -- I remember when that was a mainstay for parents, as well as a godsend.
  • We are 10 days in, and I can so see this in my future!! Right now DH is home still .. He is off for 3 weeks.. So he has been solely on DS1 duty so I can focus on DS2.. The thought of doing it all by myself petrifies me!!! Will definitely be a juggling act! Especially the mornings!!
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  • I did not have 2 U 1 (mine are 22 months apart) but I just want to say you will get into a routine and it does get easier. It seems overwhelming at first but honestly, it's easier than I thought. The swing is my best friend, if i need to get stuff done, have some one on one time with my oldest, etc DS2 goes right in the swing. He loves it! Also, I will often get housework done with DS2 in the swing and DS1 in his highchair while he eats breakfast or lunch. It's definitely doable! GL!

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