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Anyone still BF?

Hi Ladies! I posted this on AP & SAHM anyone still BF your 2 year old? 

I really don't know where to start! My sweet baby is 26 months old and I think that is getting time to wean from bf. He is so very attached and I really don't see him self weaning any time soon! 

The past few days I have been telling him that boobies are for babies and that he is getting to be a big boy but I'm not sure he understands that! He is getting to where is likes to twiddle very often and is so persistent about it even after I tell him "No hands on boobies". 

Night time will definitely be the worst! I have read about putting apple cider vinegar and lemon juice on my breasts but I just feel that this is so mean! Has anyone else had experience with this?

ANY advice would be great! We are doing milk in sippy cups and he does not really care about juice! 

Thanks in advance! 

Re: Anyone still BF?

  • Can you go on vacation for a couple days and leave him w your parents? He might lose interest if you are gone for awhile. This is how we ended up weaning at 14 months. When I came back for vacation, she nursed some, but was basically done a week later.
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  • I weaned him just a couple weeks short of his second birthday, so pretty recently.

    I thought it was going to be hard because since I am home with him he was BFing up to 4-5x/day plus a couple times a night. It took one week. I started with the night feedings, only because the lack of sleep was killing me. I would just roll him over and sooth him any other way: patting his back, shushing him, sweet talking. Within a week he no longer was asking for night feedings, the following week I started by refusing every other feeding, I would distract him with food, milk in his cup, playing, going outside, anything. He would be cranky a couple times, but the worst one was bedtime because he would cry like it was the end of the world.

    It seriously took one week. It is possible, just be consistent and firm, and give yourself a pat on the back for going this far! Great job mama! 

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  • Yup still nursing. We are BLW. I don't see him stopping before 3yo, unless he really dislikes how this pregnancy changes my milk.
    Looking forward to adventures in tandem nursing. :)
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  • Mine was the same way. I just night weaned him last month, as it was starting to get painful (I'm pg again) and I neeeeded sleep. I expected it to be horrible, but after a couple nights of saying, "It's time for night night now, you can have milk when the sun comes up," whenever he woke up to nurse, he stopped waking up! He would fuss for a few minutes but I just cuddles him and told him I loved him and I was there, and he'd go back to sleep after a few minutes. I also explained to him at bed time every night that he was going night night and the milk was also going night night, but he could have milk again when the sun came up. He got it a lot better than I expected him to! I also have a water bottle for him if he does wake up, because sometimes he's legitimately thirsty. I hadn't planned to wean fully, but once he was night weaned, he was also less interested during the day. He pretty much only nurses first thing in the morning now. Good luck!
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