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DrBronners hand soap

I'm interested in making liquid hand soap by diluting some Dr. Bronners, but I have two questions after reading some recipes for hand soap. 1 do you have to shake the mixture before each use? Or does the Dr Bronners mix with the water permanently after you shake it well the first time? 2 do you have to use a foaming soap dispenser? I already have a non foaming soap pump that matches my bathroom and kitchen, but I'm not sure if the soap will come out with the right consistency. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I dilute approx 1 part dr Bronners to 4 parts water for a foaming dispenser. Any more soap and the spout gums up. It stays mixed (no shaking needed after you've done it once). And you can use any dispenser, but it might feel thin and watery causing people to use more than necessary.  

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    Very helpful! Thank you!
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    Personally for hand soap I like Kiss My Face.
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    I have a clear pump (an old method bottle) for my Dr.  Bronners.  I don't shake it up each time I use it, but I do shake it every month or so if I haven't changed out the soap.

    I'm not sure about the non-foaming pumps.  I am also very curious about this as I need a different pump for our bathroom.  
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    We use foaming soap dispensers (one purchased and one reused method pump).  Like pp said, the consistency isn't ideal when using a traditional soap pump.  The soap and water don't stay fully mixed, but it isn't a problem; it comes out and foams just fine.  In the method dispenser (clear), the soap is visibly somewhat separated and is cloudy if it isn't mixed periodically, so i do give it a swirl or shake occasionally. Since the other dispenser is metal you can't see the soap, so i don't bother mixing and it isn't a problem.  I use about 1:8 water:soap mixture, plus i usually add a few drops of various EOs (mostly for pretty smells).
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