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I'm 36 weeks and 3 days. I had a ton of contractions on Friday the 28th and then yesterday morning I had quite a few. Some were 10 min apart and lasting for a couple of minutes. This morning, I'm having period like cramping on top of constipation like cramping but I know I'm not constipated because I went yesterday. Which is also something weird that's never happened, I've went poop the last 3 days when my regular cycle is like every 2 days. I also noticed that my discharge is very runny like water almost but with somewhat of a consistancy of an egg white when you first crack an egg. I noticed some globs of mucas plug this morning too. I guess my question is, is labor approaching? I'm supposed to go out of state this weekend (just a few hours away) but I didn't want to take the chance of going into labor there. I have my weekly appointment on Friday before the trip. What are your alls opinions? Thanks!

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  • I know how you're feeling, last night I had those terrible "prementrual" like cramps allllllllllll day and night, I also had contractions that were really intense and 5-10 minutes apart. They stopped though sometime after I went to bed. I thought it was the real deal but I'm guessing it's just prep work my body is doing for when baby comes seeing as it is very soon!

    It's probably not the best idea to be traveling far from your hospital or doctors but if your doctor okays it then you shouldn't have a problem. Just keep in mind that most babies are full term by 37 weeks and you could go at any time. Hope you make it til you get home! Just keep a lookout for the signs of labor and you're set :) Good luck on your trip!!! 
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