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Got the new shoes put on

Finally got all my wheels mounted and installed on my car. Totally worth sweating my butt off to put them on! 

 Finally got them all mounted.

 Finally got them all mounted.

Re: Got the new shoes put on

  • It does pretty well hauling the kiddos. I'd imagine once our kids are out of their carseats it will do even better. My car is a hard one to find, as it was discontinued in 2006.  You can normally find a decently used one for 8-13k depending on Turbo or not. 
  • mmm 2 door Impreza.. Sigh. I love my Saabaru, I've had a few Impreza's, I just feel that the body styling and ride is a little bit more refined in the 92X compared to the Impreza cousin. But thanks to GM messing about in Saab's business Saab is bankrupt with body parts nearly impossible to find. Every last stitch of the drive train is Subaru, Even has the Fuji Heavy Industries stamp all over it. 


    We had a 2002 Outback, it was a nice comfortable car, but when it came to legroom, backseat legroom, It was very very similar to my Saabaru. 

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  • It is a Subaru, through and through. GM owns both Saab, and a portion of Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru), GM and Saab thought it would be a good idea to introduce an AWD model to save their dying brand. Fuji agreed upon the parent companies using their 04-05 model year wagon design. Using the EJ20 Turbo (Aero) and the EJ25Nonturbo (Linear). Slap a Saab Facelift on the front, slightly different tail lights (2002 Subaru Impreza lights) And Bingo Bango, Le Saabaru is born. I have the Linear model, 5sp manual. The rims, are off of a 2006 Subaru Impreza. Same fitment all around so no problemo. I'm a mechanic as well, I already like your Hubs.


    The Saab 97-X Aka Chevy Trail Blazer, another idea to launch an SUV to assist their brand as well.


    Knowing is half the battle! :) 

  • F that nonsense. I hate it when dealerships try to tell me what I want. If I were you, I would look for an auto broker. Get an 0607 Outback 2.5xt in a 5sp.
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