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What questions should I ask at apt today

I'm new here (below is a recap of my story).... what questions should I be asking at my apt today aside from continuing bed rest...

 I am due on Oct 11 with our first baby girl but will be having a c-section the first week of October pending all goes smoothly.

Last Tues I had sharp pains in my lower abdomen and back followed by the tiniest bit of brown spotting. While getting ready to see my doctor on Wed I started having intense contractions, they hooked me up to a labor & delivery monitor and it turns out I was having them every 3 minutes and I couldn't feel more than half of them. They sent me to the hospital to be monitored where I took the test that tells you if you're at risk of delivering in the next 2 weeks (I think called FNN) and they gave me 2 shots to slow the contractions. I went home a few hours later and am now on bed rest until my follow up apt tomorrow. Since being on bed rest i've found that anytime I do work, get emotional or even shower my contractions get closer together. Some are painful, some aren't. I'm having trouble deciphering which of my back pain is from laying on my side all day and which is from a possible complication... i'm starting to drive myself crazy.  

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Re: What questions should I ask at apt today

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