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DS has always been extremely active but recently I'm starting to wonder if he has ADHD. Unless he's exhausted, he's always moving, even while watching tv. Getting him t sit down to eat is a major issue or just standing still at all for that matter. And now that he talks, he's always talking - I mean constantly. I've tried to find information online about whether it's a real issue or just being a excitable, rambunctious boy.

Anyone have experience with ADHD? When should I be concerned and talk to a doctor?

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  • You're not going to get a diagnosis at this age-it's not really going to be Until school age they'll be able to test. The one thing with stuff like ADHD or sensory processing disorder which can cause hyperactive behavior is usually these disorders impede on typical development- the lack of focus is so severe it makes things like learning/using language or fine motor activities difficult to learn. If your child is hitting milestones in the average range I'd chalk it up to an energetic personality. Of course, there's no harm in confirming with your pediatrician your child's behaviors are typical for his age. 
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  • Ditto everyone else.  Sometimes all a kid needs is maturity.  I've seen it plenty of times with my students.  If the constant movement is impeding on your LO's activities you might want to look into strategies you can use to help a bit.  For example, if a student is constantly moving their hands I might give him/her a piece of playdough to manipulate.
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  • imageSkye412:
    I would talk to your pediatrician about it. However, as an early elementary teacher, it is really hard to distinguish between ADHD and active child (esp. boy) at 5 or 6 years old. I think 3 is really young to be thinking about ADHD. Many of the ADHD symptoms are behaviors that are really typical for young kids. 

    This. I think sometime parents overcompensate the idea of ADHD, or confuse it with just natural energy. My child is constantly jumping off of everything, singing, dancing. You name it. But that's normal behavior for her age. 

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  • Thanks everyone. You all made me feel much better.
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  • My husband has MAJOR ADD and we have always been worried about our DD having it.  When she went thru a phase of being very hyper, talking a lot, not staying still, and even getting violent (hitting, pinching, etc) I read a book called "is this your child" by Doris Rapp.  I talks about kids and allergies.  We eventually figured out she is allergic to milk and since we took it out of her diet, she is a totally normal child!!! If she accidentally gets milk in her system, she is a complete mess, won't sleep and it takes days to get out if her system.  This was my story, may have nothing to do with your child, but thought I'd throw it out there! Good luck!
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