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Hi ladies,

I might be joining you in the future as I am 27 weeks pregnant with high risk mo/di twins and on sbr for PTL.

My neighbor mentioned awhile back that her son was in the NICU for 72 days. When they sent out his birth announcement they included a note about him being a preemie, RSV season, and some other info. I guess it was to inform people that they would not be accepting visitors until after they'd been home a few month?. I think she said she got the info/idea from the hospital.

I was curious if anyone has done this? If so, what did your note say?It sounds like a good idea in theory, but I worry about wording. TIA! 


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Re: Preemie note

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    DS was born at 32 weeks & came home smack in the middle of RSV/Flu season. I just posted a message on fb about visitors & that we required people who were going to be around him to get a flu vaccine. I don't think I'd want to put it on the birth announcements just because we sent them to people out of town too & it wouldn't really apply to them anyways. I guess you could put an insert inside with the announcement. 

    With his first birthday, we did put a note in with the invitations though. We just said something like "Spencer's immune system is still immature & we are trying our best to keep him healthy! If you are not feeling well, have a cough or a fever, please stay home & we can celebrate with you  when you're feeling better! Thanks for your understanding." Everyone seemed to understand & I don't think anyone was offended. 

    DD was born at 24 weeks in April & won't be coming home til at least August/September. We'll be in lockdown during RSV/Flu season this year. She will be at much more risk than DS was & are even keeping him home from preschool because of the risk of him bringing something home to her.  

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    I just wanted to say HIIIIIII STACEY!!!

    Also, this is not a bad idea. I didnt even think about it and am very glad you posted this. We have zero intention of going out to see people but I never even thought about people coming to see us.

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    What a great idea! We pretty much just didn't allow visitors through the first flu season at all -- and once we did allow them, just sent an E-mail with some of the "crazy" things we'd ask them do (assuming they had been symptom-free of anything for a week or so, if applicable) -- like scrub in, leave shoes @ the front door, come straight from home (and not from a public place -- clean clothes).

    This site has a nice form note regarding RSV and preemies:

    This can be a hard one, especially if you have TONS of family and friends in the area. Thankfully, we only had a handful of people -- all of them were incredible understanding. Many people seem to assume that once the babies are discharged from the NICU, they're "normal" babies -- so you'll likely face hurt feelings, even with educational materials.  

    GL, and hopefully you'll keep baking for many, many more weeks! 

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    Hey Jocelyn!!!! 

    Thank you for your input, ladies! 
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