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At what age..

I know babies develop differently but I'm just curious. At what age did your LO start sitting up on their own, crawling, and holding their own bottle? If this has already been discussed, sorry. I didn't feel like scrolling through posts to see if it had! :)

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Re: At what age..

  • DD is 6 months, and she just started crawling on her hands and knees. EVERYWHERE. But she doesn't sit up, and she occasionally holds her own bottle.
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  • For my DD this was all accomplished by 9 months. She was sitting up by 7 months, crawling by 8 months, and by 9 months was doing all those things and cruising.
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  • She has only gotten good at sitting up about a month ago, so I would say 7-8 months.  Right now she is army crawling, not on her hands and knees yet at almost 9 months.   And she does not hold her bottle at all. 

    ETA: She can not get into a sitting position on her own yet. 

  • imagepamelamelanie924:

    I know babies develop differently but I'm just curious. At what age did your LO start sitting up on their own, crawling, and holding their own bottle? If this has already been discussed, sorry. I didn't feel like scrolling through posts to see if it had! :)

    Sitting up on her own: 5 1/2 months

    Crawling: 8 1/2 months

    Holding her own bottle: 4 months 

    She has no interest in holding her own bottle now, but she will hold her sippy cup. 

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  • Sitting up well without flopping over - 6.5 months

    Army crawling - 6.5 months (DS is almost 8 months now and he's still army crawling)

    bottle - can't help w/this as DS doesn't take one. 

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  • She started crawling at 5.5m, sitting alone at 6, and this past week started pulling to stand and cruising. She will be 7m July 10. All of this is very early and each baby will get there in their own time. DS was early also, she's been on average 2 to 4 weeks ahead of where he was though.

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  • DD started sitting up unassisted around 6.5 months.  She's 7.5 months now and she sits up well enough for me to leave her to play independently without worrying about her.  She does not crawl yet.  She doesn't use a bottle, but she is able to hold her sippy cup by herself (it has two handles).

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  • Sitting up unassisted at a little over 7 months. He is 7.5 months now and doesn't crawl, army crawl, get into sitting position or hold his bottle on his own.
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  • DS: Army crawl 5 months, crawl 6 months, sat up 6 months, rarely did he ever hold his own bottle but it wasn't until 9 or 10 months (he wanted us to do the work). He pulled up and cruised really early too but he didn't walk until 13 months. Not late by any means but I was sure he would walk early considering everything else.

    DD is totally different. She is now 7 1/2 months: Army crawl 6 months, hasn't crawled on her knees yet but she does try to get on them and will rock back and forth, she can't really sit up well yet, she's been holding her own bottle for over a month. Oh and she's been pulling up to stand for a week or two.

  • DS has been sitting up unassisted for a few weeks (so just before he turned 6 months). No signs of crawling just yet. He smushes his face into the carpet and raises his little bum in the air when he's on his tummy but he doesn't go anywhere. He will hold his own bottle on occasion but I think he likes being waited on better...hence the "no crawling, I'd rather be carried everywhere" mentality he seems to have :P
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  • LO just turned 7 months. 

    Sitting well at 4 months, crawling at 6.5 months, holding sippy cup at 6.5 months (inconsistent with the cup, he CAN hold it on his own, but prefers help).

    He doesn't take a bottle.  

  • Sitting himself up & staying there - 6 months

    Army crawling - 6 months (7 months now and has been crawling on knees a couple times)

    Holding own bottle - right before 6 months.

    He also broke his first tooth at 6 months, so it was a MAJOR milestone week for my lil baby guy.


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  • At 6.5 months, my LO can't get to a sitting position on her own, but can stay sitting if I position her. Can do a couple crawling motions, and get up on hands and knees, but isn't coordinated yet. She rolls and wiggles to get around (she uses a swimming motion on the hardwood-its pretty comical).
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  • She was sitting up completely unassisted by four months, still not crawling but kinda lazily pulls herself around, and she hasn't had a bottle in forever, but she does hold her own sippy cup at meals.

  • DD (now 27 months) was drinking from a straw cup by herself exclusively at 11 months (at which point we ditched the bottles), but of course, she was grasping the bottle earlier. She did not sit up on her own totally steady until 9 months, and she did not crawl on hands and knees until probably 15 months (but before that, she rolled around the room and then army crawled for a while)...but she didn't walk until 20. :) She was late on the gross motor.

    DS is 6 months and is able to sit up decently well supported. I am sure he will be sitting well by 7 months. No crawling yet, but he wants to! :) He does grasp the bottle and hold it while eating, but I would not say he is feeding himself or anything. He started doing this probably 2 weeks ago.

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  • DS has been sitting since about 6 months, can get into sitting position on his own since about 6.5 months, he occasionally holds his bottle and he is not crawling yet but gets up onto his hands and knees now and he's about 7.5 months.
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  • Sitting, six months.
    Army crawl 5.5 months
    Crawl on all fours 6.5months
    Get into her own sitting position 7 months
    Pulling up and cruiring 6.5 months
    She doesn't take a bottle. I think she could hold and drink a sippy if she wanted to but she makes a face when liquid enters her mouth.
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  • DS sat up at about 5.5 months, crawling and 7.5 months but still won't hold his own bottle!  I think that he can, he just prefers being fed.
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  • DS just started sitting up from on his tummy, pulling up and crawling a few paces all in the last 4 days. He's a little over 7 months.
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  • DD started sitting on her own at like 5.5 months. I considered sitting on her own once she could hold it for about 30 seconds with nothing propping her up. She started Army crawling just before that and is getting on hands and knees but hasn't quite figured out crawling and she's now 6 months. She doesn't get a bottle so I'm not sure about that one!

    She's pretty good at standing with her arms on the couch and walks really well if someone is holding her hands. 

  • ObLaDiObLaDi member
    DS started sitting somewhat drunkenly just shy of 5 months, and was much steadier by 5.5. He's not doing the other two yet.
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  • sat up just after 6 months. crawled at about 8 1/2 months. he's been able to hold his own bottle for a couple months now... but he's lazy lol. he'll do it every once in awhile if I'm holding him. but if i just give him a bottle to lay and drink on his own, he'll drink some then just chew on the nipple ( he's teething bad) or crawl away to play. 

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