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I saw your response to my post, PLUS I saw that you sent pictures to our email, I can't wait to get home and see them. Doesn't work here at work.

I missed your birth story though, did you post it? I miss everyone's because I have been busy lately. I just did a search and found Katie's but now I am looking for yours and for Tiffany's.

How are you doing? I saw Denise and Finnagin at the Novi Mall last weekend. HE IS SOOOOO CUTE! I can't wait to be a mommy like the rest of you! :) Hope you are doing great!

Re: **Rachelxx05**

  • Hey girl!!

    I did post last weekend on SAL, I'll try and figure out how to find my old posts and email it to you :)

    I'm doing pretty good.  I feel physically pretty good, too!  I haven't taken any of my Motrin in a couple days, didn't even take it in the hospital, just when I got home... we were there for FIVE stinking days, Penny had jaundice and had to be under the bili lights for 48 hours and they held us extra before that because I was GBS+ soooo it was a long week!  It's amazing to be home!

     Awww I am so jealous you got to meet little Finnegan!!!  He is such a handsome boy!

    Hey wanted to ask you, do you have any big guess to what you are having?  I am SO excited for January to get here so we can know!!! 

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