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Development questions

Hello all!  Vivi is officially 3 months tomorrow and I know all babies develop at their own pace but when should she roll over? She hasn't done front to back or back to front yet. She holds her head up great and has even started pushing herself up on her arms and hands during tummy time. I've taken an arm and rolled her slowly just to show her but is she behind?

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  • Not behind at all. Average age for rolling tummy to back starts around 4 months, back to belly is 5-6 months. I wouldn't worry even if she can't do it right at 4 months!
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  • Definitely not behind! Mine didn't start consistently doing it until 4 months. The best thing to do really, which I know is hard, is to not compare your baby to others. Every child develops certain skills and passes certain milestones at different ages.

    Just keep in mind the general time frame of when it can happen, that way, if they are developmentally lagging, you can bring it up with your pedi. 

    Just be patient, and enjoy every little thing! 

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  • Mine is 3.5 months and has just recently rolled tummy to back a grand total of two times. He's not that interested. He also has not pushed up onto his hands either. On the other hand, he is freakishly strong and can already tripod sit and stand against the activity table without being held for about 15 to 30 seconds at a time. Every baby does different things at different times.

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  • Like PPs have said, I wouldn't worry about it. Your LO will roll at her own rate. DS just started rolling back to tummy at 3 months 3 weeks, and he's trying to roll tummy to back.
  • It will really vary.  DS didn't roll til 5 months and DD rolled at 3.
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  • Rolling isn't actually considered a milestone. Some kids skip this step all together, and go straight to crawling or sitting.  My LO has rolled occasionally tummy to back, and when she was swaddled she was rolling from back to tummy (no longer swaddled anymore....).  She's more interested in scooching and trying to reach forward then rolling!

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  • imagejack19:

    We're the same as you Crequito, also I see that your LO is an April 1 baby too!  Did you get oh so tired of all of the April Fools Day cracks?  LOL, oh well, got to laugh 

    Yes - I was due March 24th but Vivi held out for that diamond birthstone!  I already know how I'm going to get back at everyone with April Fools Day jokes - I'm going to get a onesie saying "Big Sister" on it and put a pic of Vivi in it on FB and see how many people believe it . . . Her birthday will forever have to include some sort of joke.

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