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Another newbie with a NB stash

Hi everyone! I know you probably get tired of this, but I was hoping you would look over my stash before baby arrives. For NB size I have:
6 NB Alva
12 preemie prefolds
24 infant prefolds
10 NB or size one covers
8 Softbum shells with 24 NB inserts
7 NB fitteds may try to whip up one more as I can't stand off numbers!
2 snappis and a couple sets of pins
48 washcloths for wipes
some CJs

So is this enough? I know I have very little that is actually NB size, but didn't want to spend a ton on this stage, so am hoping to make the infant prefolds and Softbums work even though I know they will be big. One more question: I have read that you can decrease the number of times you have to wash prefolds by boiling the first. How long do you do this? Do you use some detergent or Dawn or just water? Thanks in advance?
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Re: Another newbie with a NB stash

  • What about wet bags? CD safe detergent?

    That stash seems pretty decent.  We loved our NB BG's aio's...definitely still my H's go-to dipe (even at 11 weeks)

    It seems to me that you can wash EOD and the majority of your stash is prefolds.  We used prefolds (unbleached osocozy size 1s) and they worked really well.  A little bulky, but we've never had a leak

    Your OS covers will definitely not fit in the NB stage.  The leg holes will gap way too much on those skinny legs

    I'm not sure about the boiling of prefolds...I just washed them in the washer 

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  • I have a couple medium wetbags for the diaper bag and two pail liners.  I also have some cloth safe detergent.  Thanks!
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