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I'm pregnant with fraternal twins. I feel kicks mostly on my left side. I am worried that perhaps the other baby isn't moving enough. I'm not even sure exactly how they're arranged in there. Does anyone else have any advice? I have a ultrasound on 7/5 but I'm still worried.

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  • I felt most my movement on my right side. I was worried too but it ended up being both babies. Both placentas were anterior and on the left side which made it harder to feel movement. Also my twins hung out on my right side more.
  • I tend to feel more on the right than the left.  It could have to do with placental positioning or just where your LOs hang out.
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  • I had the exact same situation as you. I first felt movement on my left side, and didn't feel anything on the right for weeks. Baby A is on the left, Baby B is on the right. Then suddenly Baby B started moving .... and Baby A stopped! That was what had me worried, but after a few days I felt a few kicks from Baby A, so I know s/he's ok in there. It's so hard not to over analyze everything, especially with two to worry about! :) I have an appointment 7/2 so even though the rational part of me knows everything's probably fine, it will be good to hear both little heartbeats. :) 
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  • My kicks vary too. Sometimes I feel them more on the left, sometimes on the right. I, too, have an appt on 7/2 and will have an u/s next week. Its always reassuring to be able to see or hear them both again.
  • Ok I feel a little bit better knowing that it could be where the placenta is and other people have similar experiences. I'm 23 weeks and from my understanding miscarriage and vanishing twin syndrome are not very likely at this point.
  • I had this same concern. Baby B is constantly moving and kicking on my left side. However, Baby A has an anterior placenta,so my doctor told me its normal not to feel as much from her. Maybe one of your babies has an anterior placenta and that's why you don't feel as much.
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