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I'm new to this forum so here is a little bit of my story.

I was told I was high risk at about 12 weeks because of medications I have to take as a result of a condition that showed up with my first pregnancy. I was never that concerned with that status because of the medications because I have been through it before. But I had my 18 wk ultrasound yesterday and they discovered that I have a complete previa.

The doctor just told me that it will probably correct itself but that he wants to recheck it when I hit my third trimester. He also told me that if I have any bleeding that I need to go straight in to have it checked. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced a full previa moving up as the pregnancy progressed?

Thank you!

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  • hazy19hazy19 member
    I have cpp and so far it hasn't corrected itself, I'm getting checked again at 37 weeks because it can still correct itself even that late in the game. There's a great Facebook support group if you look up placenta previa. Good luck, hope yours moves!
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  • Same here, 23 w and found out at 13w. Hasn't corrected :
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  • I have a complete previa as well, found out at 18 weeks. I had high hopes it would move, but so far it hasn't. We were going every 2 weeks for checks, then had  a consult with a specialist. I am now on bed rest at home due to some bleeding on Thurs.

    I hope yours moves for you, good luck!

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  • welcome to the group sorry to hear about your medical issues feel free to check out the bed rest posts
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