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Toddler wanting down from dinner table but...

he wants us to play.  So we always say you can either get down & play by yourself (which could be next to us or about 10 ft away in the living room which is next to our open kitchen); or that he can continue to sit with us at the table until we (me & DH) finish eating. Every nite it's the same struggle whereby he has a fit & we can't figure out how to handle him.  Does anyone have any advice?  He's very spirited.  The post on highchairs got me thinking about this problem.  He gave his up so much earlier than most -around 13 months.  He's also the kid that can't sit in a restaurant, not even for 3 minutes. Even if we take him outside until the food comes he can barely sit to eat for less than 5 minutes.  Which really is a problem when we're out doing chores & need to eat.  But anyway back to the question.  Help!!  TIA

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