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Camping for 3 nights...

Next week we're going camping for 3 nights and I'm trying to decide what to do about diapers...  I have a mixture of things - lots of prefolds, a few flats, some pockets.  I have 4 flip covers and was thinking about taking those + 1 pack of their disposable inserts and then our prefolds + wetbags.  I usually wash EOD.  We're leaving Thursday (late morning early afternoon) and coming back Sunday afternoon.  I'm sure I have enough dipes to go a full three days but I'm concerned about them getting too ammonia stinky.  DD will be 5 months old, not eating solids yet.  Would flip disposable inserts be okay for ON?  If I can get our wool to work right, I can bring that too.  Last night she was in a GMD red edge with a thirsties hemp doubler inside of it + a bamboo doubler outside of it.  I probably changed her at 9pm and she wasn't changed again until 7am and all three were pretty well saturated but no leaking. So, what would you do?  
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Re: Camping for 3 nights...

  • I go 3 days without washing all the time, they stink but they come clean.
  • We recently gave flip disposable inserts a try and they worked really well for us. However, my DS is not a heavy wetter. If you need to you can use two of the flip inserts instead of one.

    Personally, I would just use cloth the whole time and wash as soon as I got home. You could also use the disposable inserts for one or two days and then your cloth for the rest of the time. 

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