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Wet bags for daycare.

So I'm starting work full time next week. DD will be going full time to daycare. So 8hrs. That's 4 to 5 diapers a day for us.

1. What size wetbag would that be?
2. Would I need more than one?
3. Where can I find a decent quality cheap one?

I've not needed a wet bag before. We've just used a bucket at home and its worked out quite well for us so this is new territory for me.
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Re: Wet bags for daycare.

  • 1. We use planetwise large wet bags. Medium would work okay but I like sending the large size better.

     2. Having two is nice so that there is always a clean one with our every other day wash schedule.

    3. Haven't tried any besides planetwise. 

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  • skrapskrap
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    1. For Planetwise, large. I don't think you could fit 4 or 5 AIOs in a medium. Maybe 3.

    2. 23 depending on your wash routine.

    3. Not sure. You could check Amazon, some of the less popular prints might be less expensive? I've purchased from Kelly's Closet.
  • I use medium sized bags. I rotate between 3 different bags. I have 2 Alva wetbags and 1 Planetwise bag. They have all held up well.
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  • My mom made me a few from the PUL that Joanns or Walmart sells. I left one clean one at daycare as a spare in case I ever mamaged to leave without one.

    At home the bags were getting annoying so now I just throw the diapers in a bucket. I prefer washing frequently so stink has not been an issue.

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