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Goal week questions

Hi Everyone!

I've been on hospital bed rest for incomp. cervix, PTL, a buldging bag and cervial dilation since 23/1 and am currently 26/3. As far as I know, I'm here until Miss Summer arrives. I know 24 is a big goal for everyone and 25 was for us because the doctor advised against a csection before then. What are your opinions for other "big weeks" to aspire towards? I've heard multiple opinions...

Re: Goal week questions

  • I am 23w today and my first goal is 24w, then 28. Hope everything goes well :D
  • My first goal was 24 because that's viability, then 26 because my DS was born at 25, next is 28 survival rate is around 90 by 28 weeks, after that we arbitrarily picked 32 because he's unlikely to need a vent at that point, 34 weeks is when most docs won't stop labor anymore and 37 is full term. So in conclusion, for us it is/was 24, 26, 28, 32, 34, 37 :

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  • We have three goal weeks in mind:

    24 weeks for viability (already passed!)

    30 weeks because our doctor calls that out of the IC danger zone - almost all babies survive and there are lower rate of disability caused by the interventions used in the NICU.

    36 weeks - when the cerclage is removed.  Baby is more than welcome anytime after that.

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  • 34 weeks was a milestone for me, because that is when my doctor no longer tries to stop labor. 

    She told me it was because the babies do so well once they reach that stage--even if they're born a few weeks early. 



  • Our first goal was 24 weeks (viability) and then 26 (today!) as we lost our daughter at 25 weeks.

    Next goal is 28 and then it'll be 30, 32, 34 etc.  

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  • 24 for viability
    28 because chance of survival goes way up
    34 b/c were in the safe zone according to my doc
    37 b/c of lung development

    Working on that last one now. Hang in there!

  • Medically speaking, 24 is viability, 27 is 3rd tri and survival rates jump to 80-90% I believe, then 34 weeks is the cut off for late term preemie and the point when most doctors won't try to stop labor.   So those were/are my primary goals.  30 weeks seemed like a good milestone, but there is no real reason other than it just got me 2/3rds of the way to full term.    Making it to 35 weeks will put me past when I delivered DS.

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