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I just read your response below about summertime suggestions and I see that you also have horrific poison ivy, like me! I'm covered head to toe and it's terrible, but honestly not even close to pupps! Ha!

Are you doing anything besides topical creams? I have some gooood stuff leftover from the pupps prescription and I'm thinking about taking some because the label says it's for skin rashes caused by allergies. How'd you get your poison ivy? I got mine pulling weeds and attempting to pretty up our landscaping!


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  • I was pulling ivy from our backyard. It is around the entire edge of our yard it sUcKs! I must have grabbed some or touched the something.. I washed my hands really good when I came in but didn't wash the rest of arms as I was going to jump in the shower but DH had made dinner... It's on both of my arms, my chest, my stomach, and my thighs..

    I'm taking 2 benadryl 4x a day, I have a cortizone cream and my doc gave me a steroid cream that I put on before bed. The rash started last Saturday and it seems to finally be starting to heal though I keep finding/noticing more spots LOL

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