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Decelerations of fetal heart rate during NST

I'm wondering if anyone has had fetal heart rate decelerations during an NST?  

I was at my bi-weekly NST appointment yesterday and my little one was VERY active.  His baseline heart rate is usually in the 130's but for roughly 1 hour he was constantly moving and his heart rate jumped around from the 160's to the 150's.  The doctor saw 2 decelerations and became very concerned.  She talked about delivering him that night and sent me to L&D for extra monitoring.  I'm 35 weeks with type 2 diabetes.  I wasn't really concerned because it felt logical to me that his heart rate wouldn't be down low if he was so active.  When I was in L&D his heart rate was at a baseline of 130's with great accelerations with movements.  They did an ultrasound and said he was perfect.  

Today I just feel a bit concerned but I also have a feeling that the only reason we saw decelerations was because he gets monitored so often and that they may be more common than doctors think or acknowledge.  Does anyone have any info. or experience with decelerations?  

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Re: Decelerations of fetal heart rate during NST

  • At my last NST, DD has a quick deceleration. Her heart rate dropped to around 110 for a couple seconds.

    The doctor wasn't concerned about it though, since her baseline was around 140 and she continued moving and being active during the remainder of the test. 

    I don't have any medical knowledge on the subject, but I suspect you're right that they don't know what is normal for deceleration since most normal pregnancies aren't monitored that often.  


  • My doc said she wants to see accelerations and decelerations. The decelerations show a strong heart in that they can slow themselves down after a period of higher activity.
    Maybe I'm missing something from your situation or my docs explanation.

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    From how it was explained to me during my NSTs -- you want both, accelerations and decelerations.  They get concerned when the number goes too low, too many times.  Normal is 120-150, peaks above and below are fine, it just depends on the circumstances (i.e. was he/she laying there, was it during a contraction, is your fluid high/low...etc). Check this out, https://americanpregnancy.org/prenataltesting/non-stresstest.html

    During mine I've had my numbers go up and down from 118 - 163 and the doctors have never been concerned as long as it corresponded to a moment/non movement period.

    Best of luck.

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