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GD Some high numbers

I had GD with my last pregnancy and won't be tested for it for another 2 weeks at my 27 week appt. It was diet and exercise controlled then. I've been testing because I had been wondering about waiting so long. From my tests, my fasting number is almost always too high and one other meal per day will be also. Either lunch or dinner, it varies. By too high, I mean that they are almost never more than 5 points above the range that he has for me. I've been following the same diet that I had with my last pregnancy. My question is would you call your doctor and try to come in early or wait out the 2 weeks? I was really hoping to be able to control it myself like last time but that doesn't seem like that will be the case this time. Thanks so much for your help!
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Re: GD Some high numbers

  • I asked my dr about early testing and he wasn't concerned because how easy it was to control last time. His PA got me new test strips so they should be fine. He lets my fasting numbers go up to 100. So my normal fasting numbers are low 100s which a lot of people on here are on meds for it seems like. Thanks for your response. I will probably try to call on Monday.
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  • Yeah I'd call. You're being responsible and they know you're testing already so it won't be a surprise. Even if it was a surprise I'd still say to call.

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