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Nightly check in

Who's up?

D has been havin major issues sleeping all of a sudden. He won't lay in his pnp for more than 30 minutes. DH got him to sleep in his swing for 2 hours and that's the longest he's slept since Wednesday night when he slept for 5 hours. Not sure what's up.

I'm wondering if its a possible ear infection but I don't know.

Anyway who's up?
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Re: Nightly check in

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    Yawn... me. Gonna put LO down, pump and go back to bed. Fx that goes easily. Hope everyone has a good rest of the "night"
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    Zzzzz... Me. Pumping before my boobs explode. LOs won't be up for another hour so trying to sleeppump on the couch before the sun comes up.
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    Been up but LO just settled down. Poor guy had a rough morning. Now the sun is coming up... Good morning!

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    It's probably daylight for all the east coasters, but I just got my longest stretch yet... 5 hrs and 42 minutes, but who's counting? of M sleeping. My boobs are engorged, but that actually makes me excited, as I don't notice them getting hard between feedings the last two weeks. At least now I know they can! Fingers crossed she goes back down for a couple hours at least after this nursing session...


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    Up since 4:30 am and missserrrrabllle. Beyond tired today and lo will only sleep on me it seems. Super.
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    I've been awake off and on all night tonight between lo eating and me not being able to sleep. Strangely I have a lot of energy and have been very productive, I wonder if I'm going crazy lol.
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