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I've just moved to the Indianapolis area, I'm currently working on my doula certification through DONA. I've already taken the 3 day training course and I've read more books on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding that most people ever will.  I'm very passionate about supporting women through birth. To complete my certification, I need to attend at least three births. I'm willing to these services for free.  Also, if there are any other doulas out there, I'd love to connect with you. If anyone has some suggestions for me as to where to find what I'm looking for, I'd love to hear from you.

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  • I am not a doula yet, but I hope to be. My dh and I are trying for another child so I decided to wait on becoming certified.

    I was nervous about being able to find 3 births as I looked through what it took to become certified. I wanted to know if I went through being certified I could have contacts. So I actually went and talked to my obgyn. He said he would be more than happy to work with me and refer me to expectant mothers. So when I start my certification that is how I am going to try and meet that requirement. Also, try and work with some midwives since the midwife bill went into effect today.

    I'm sure you probably thought of this but thought I would share my game plan. Also, congratulations on being so close to being certified!!
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    Also, try and work with some midwives since the midwife bill went into effect today.

    What's in the midwife bill? 

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  • It's a bill that just went through the state house to allow midwives to attend home births. It was illegal in the state of Indiana unless you certified a nursing midwife. Most of these types worked in partnerships with obgyn's and attended more hospital births compared to home births. Indiana is the 28th state to legalize this.
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    Hi! Will you be certified as a postpartum doula also? I am looking for a postpartum doula on the Southside of Indy (after I have my baby in October). Thanks!
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