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GD moms... Can you eat dessert or sweets

Are there any sweets or dessert type items you can eat that give you good numbers? Do you eat them as your snack? Or as part of your meal as your carbs?

Re: GD moms... Can you eat dessert or sweets

  • I can eat any type of ice cream either as part of a no carb dinner or for my bedtime snack. I can also eat Kashi cookies for a bedtime snack.
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  • I ate regular full fat ice cream (usually Breyers natural vanilla - sometimes with almonds or melted peanut butter on top) with a string cheese as my bedtime snack for most of my pregnancy.

    Fiber One brownies with peanut butter added on top of them are also a yummy snack.

    I had a hard time eating all of my recommended food in a meal serving due to HG, so I usually bumped the fun stuff to my snacks.

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  • Yup. Full fat ice cream works for me.
  • Breyers has a carb friendly ice cream line that is pretty good.
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  • I am currently OBSESSED (like, really obsessed) with Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars, specifically the raspberry.  15 grams carbs per bar, and they are really creamy and totally satisfy my after dinner sweet tooth.  Plus, you know, frozen, which is awesome because I'm overheated like all the time.
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