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Should I buy more pictures from DD's photo session?

We had pictures done about 3 weeks ago and the gallery is closing in a few days. We paid $150 for the session fee outdoors, the photographer chose both the location and time of day, which IMO ended up being a horrible time and location. LO was too focused on running all over the place. The reason I had these photos done was because I haven't been able to get a decent shot of LO since about 18 months since she refuses to look at the camera, let alone sit and pose. It seemed like the girl had little experience shooting a 2 year old or didn't get that DD was NOT into all the fancy posing she wanted her to do. I also heard her huffing to herself while she was trying to chase after LO lol But anyway, all her pictures were priced a la carte. Her session fee included 2 digital images for free. I picked my 2 favorites as the digital files and ordered those enlargements for us and for our family from MPIX. If you order from her gallery, they actually come from MPIX as well. The prices of her photos were more money though then her original prices that she sent me when we booked her and way more then MPIX. While the photos came out nice, out of 30, there were actually 60 bc she made each one black and white too for some reason, there were only about 6-8 I would consider buying. Only 3 IMO would be good for enlargements. The rest were shot from far away, were of LO's side , of her running off or she was not looking at the camera. I ended up ordering about 30 something dollars worth of prints from her gallery, just wallets and a few 4x6s. The s&h for one picture alone is close to $10. So, do you think I should order more from her and that I spent too little, though she did get a session fee from us? She doesn't require a minimum purchase order. There is one other picture I would consider for an 8x10 to buy from her, but do we really need 3 8x10s of LO wearing the same outfit from the same session on our wall?

Re: Should I buy more pictures from DD's photo session?

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