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Asthma ladies

Sorry I haven't been here to give support. I haven't had much to update about and no doctor appointments. I was in the ER for bad morning sickness, but that is nothing compared to what other women are going through.

Anyways, with the humidity my asthma seems to be getting worse. Just wondering if there are other women with asthma and if they noticed a change in their asthma too. I have an appointment next week, so I was thanking if bringing it up then.
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Re: Asthma ladies

  • Mine has stayed the same and hasn't been an issue with this pregnancy. I even stopped taking my daily inhaler. But I think it is common for asthma to worsen with pregnancies.
  • I had issues with my asthma early on but now it actually seems to be doing okay. My doctor did tell me that the bigger I get the worse it will be because your lungs will get "squished" and there will be less room for them. She also said that using my inhaler was no big deal and use it as often as I need it.

    Good luck! 

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  • It is really humid where I live Houston but my asthma is mostly triggered by all of the plants around here. I take Zyrtec. And I use Pulmicort daily, with ProAir for emergencies.
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