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potty question aaaagain.

After the 3 day method, my daughter is pretty consistent going on the toilet, but I have to keep putting her on there regularly.  She never tells me that she needs to go, so I tell her we're going to potty. She still struggles with going #2, but it's only been one week, so I'm hopeful.

How long did it take your LO to tell you that they have to go?  Is there something I can teach her to express the need to go?  

Thanks everyone, and love reading the posts.

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Re: potty question aaaagain.

  • I'm pretty sure what I did was stopped asking her. After a few accidents, she realized and then started telling me she needed to go and would run for the potty. It probably took maybe a week for her to tell me every time she needed to go?

    Before this, we had been pt'ing (with pull ups though so not full on training) and I was telling her to go and she never would tell me when she needed to go. Once I stopped doing it, that's when she caught on :)

    ETA: I should add that I did periodically remind her that if she needed to use the potty just to let me know but would not tell her to go or bring her to the potty unless she asked to go. 

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  • I still ask and if it's been several hours or if we're about to go somewhere I sit him on the potty and make him try.

    He tells me sometimes but it's hit and miss. If he's playing and he's very busy he won't tell me or he'll deny it so he doesn't have to stop playing. 

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  • I didn't start potty training either DD until she started telling me when she had to go. I don't know how they figured it out. I wish DD2 had actually waited longer. 
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  • just give her consistent potty breaks every 1-2 hours depending on how long she can hold it. Keep using the potty ling "pee pee" "poop" and hopefully she will get the hang of it
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