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Powder Formula

Right now we're using ready made Gerber Good Start. Gas has been an issue and a few people recommended Enfamil Gentlease - powder. So I think I want to try this for my poor gassy guy. 

Typically, when he wakes up and is hungry, I need to act fast and get his bottle ready. With ready made formula it's been easy. My question is, do you prepare a big pitcher of formula at once and then just quickly heat up a bit after pouring your desired amount? Or do you make the bottle at feeding time? Won't the shaking it make more bubbles? 

Thanks for any help you can offer!  

Re: Powder Formula

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    megpegmegpeg member

    We just started using this instead of the regular and she seems much more relaxed and sleeps better. We use warm tap water and shake it up.


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    We use the Dr. Browns formula pitcher and pour out the desired amount per bottle and warm for 20sec in the microwave. we use Gerber Good Start Soy Sensitive, and have had very little issue with gas, but J is also on a stool softner right now.
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    when i go to bed, i fill 3 bottles (for his 2, 5, & 7am feedings) with the right amount of water and i put them on my nightstand with a can of formula. It takes less than 10 seconds to make the bottle.  

    i use dr browns bottles that are made help with gas. Personally, we had more gas issues on the ready to feed formula than we do with the powder.

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    HZ2012HZ2012 member
    Awesome good to know all this! Thanks!
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    We have been having problems with gas and constipation which make DD fussy. We switched her to Sensitive formula and thankfully it seems to be making a difference. We use Earths Best Organic Sensitivity. I make a Dr. Browns pitcher every morning to last all day and night. At night I transfer what's left in the pitcher into overnight bottles that way I can just grab them and feed her. We give them to her cold as the Ped said its ok. There is no nutrion loss or aide effects associated with cold formula. Some babies don't like it cold but DD doesn't mind at all.

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    DH makes a whole days worth of bottles up for me the night before. With twins sometimes I'm lucky to eat lunch during the day let alone make bottles so making them all up the night before helps me out.

    We use tap water and then boil a big pitcher's worth and let it cool. We use the Dr. Brown's mixing pitcher with Dr. Brown's bottles. We also add a couple of drops of gas drops into the mixing pitcher to get rid of bubbles before pouring into bottles.

    When it's time to feed, I heat up water in a plastic container in the microwave and grab the bottles from the fridge that I need. Then just let the bottles sit in the warm water to warm up for five minutes. Very efficient for the MOTN feedings or when both babies are throwing a fit. Also I don't shake the bottles I just swirl to distribute the heat that way there are less bubbles created.

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    We make a pitcher of a formula at a time.  She'll drink it cold, but I usually warm it under hot water from the tap.
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    LN1024LN1024 member

    I use filtered tap water, and I don't use a pitcher.  It only takes a few secs to mix up a bottle, than I stick it in the bottle warmer for about 1 min (my pedi says never to micro wave formula). I also have used the ready to feed and I really don't find the convenience worth the extra money.

    This exactly. We use filtered water and then pop it in our bottle warmer (our pedi also told us not use a microwave to heat a bottle). My mom has been staying with me to watch M while I finish up work, so I do mix up bottles in the morning so she just has to pop in the warmer.

     I use the Ready to Feed that I have received in samples for when we are on the go, but won't buy them once we run out. (I think they are really expensive!) 

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    wjvwjv member

    It all depends on the baby.  It really is a game of trial and error.  My first son was way more gassy on the powdered formula which sucked because it is so much cheaper.  But definitely explore different options!

    When we used the powder formula I left a pitcher of water (not mixed with the formula) out so it was room temperature and portioned out the bottles with the powder then just poured the room temp water in the bottle and shook it up.  This way you don't have to warm it up.

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    We get bottles ready with water so that all I need to do is add the powder and shake. I have not been warming it up and she actually seems more relaxed and less gassy compared to using the already mixed liquid. We use enfamil gentlease
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