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Anyone deliver at ...?

Has anyone delivered at Parma, or known anyone who has? I'd like to know good and/ bad experiences. I had my first at Hillcrest but we are paying out of pocket this time and they are WAY out of our budget to deliver at this time around. But I also don't want to jeopardize anything... Thoughts would be awesome!

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  • My primary is at Parma but I would never deliver there. I knew a nurse who worked there and who delivered there and she had a horrible time, and they were her friends!! I went to Fairview last time and will go again this time. 

    The hospitals with the most births have the most experience and therefor are better equipped when things go wrong or have to think on the spot.

    Hope this helps  

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  • I have delivered at cleveland clinic, akron general and university hospitals, all top notch, I have not heard anything good about parma only bad experiences. My husband is a paramedic and has been to just about every hospital and nursing home in north east ohio and he would not let me deliver there if it was an option. Have you looked into fairview or university?
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  • My best friends sister delivered at Parma and said it was pretty horrible. Staff wasn't that great and there weren't that many nurses to begin with. I had my son (4) at Fairview and will have this baby there as well in 2 weeks. They are absolutely amazing!, we also only use fairview for the ER.
  • I would never deliver at Parma. Fairview Hospital has my heart and my 100% trust!

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