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Fighting zoloft

I've been on antidepressants for 3 years straight. In December I went to the docs because the anxiety came back. Turns out I was 6 weeks pregnant with my third child. I've had anxiety/ depression issues with all pregnancies but with this baby I seemed to have it under control. My ob suggested since the begining that I should consider taking zoloft by the time I'm 35 weeks, I'm 31 now and have really been fighting that idea but for a couple of days I have been feeling depressed and in a very bad mood and I hate taking it out on my 2 boys but I feel like I'm hurting this baby by starting meds eventhough I know I will be a better mom once I start my medication. The zoloft was called into the pharmacy by my ob since last week but I don't want to go pick it up! I really thought I could go threw this pregnancy med free....

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  • I'm on zoloft. I am 19 weeks. I was on paxil prepregnancy and was switched to zoloft when I found out I was pregnant. It was prescribed by my OB and my high risk OB said it was perfectly safe when voiced my concern to her. My baby daddy (we are not together) was adament that I get off of everything  to have a healthy baby, but as I explained to him, if I can't take care of myself, I can't take care of the baby. Like I said, my high-risk OB said it was perfectly safe and I've had my AS scan and the dr said my LO is developing perfectly normal.
  • Thankyou for sharing that, one question...does zoloft take care of all your depression feelings or does it only help you cope with them?
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  • I'm back on Zoloft 7 months postpartum. I have anxiety and slight depression for life but I didn't take it during pregnancy. I know it's tough but like my psychiatrist said, there's other way they could offer help to me that I don't need to take antidepressants if I don't want to. I focused on high fibre or nutritious food, especially those help me and my baby's brain. I had avacado, walnut, cherry, fire dragon fruit in late term, stay under sun for 510 minutes with sunscreen lotion. Also take additional 500 mg calcium in 2nd or 3rd trimester. I had salmon every day as well. It's the lowest mercury deep water fish and high in omega 3. Most important, drink lots of water. I have a healthy active baby without taking antidepressants. Therapy will help too. I didn't have it during pregnancy but I had it for 4 years before that to clear my mind. Try to find on specialize in perinatal mood and anxiety disorder or postpartum depression. It's up to you. You have choices.
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