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Ds was 7 months on the 12th and he tries to crawl, but hasn't put two and two together handsfeet. He also doesn't have any interest in trying to pull himself up. I see lots of other babies doing these things and I was just curious if he needs more interaction , or a toy or something to help him. Ftm here, so I'm just looking for some help! Thanks!
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Re: Crawling/standing

  • DS didn't start truly crawling until a few weeks ago. He still doesn't technically crawl (he army crawls). He also still hasn't pulled himself up yet, but there isn't anything of interest that is up higher than sitting position. He can pull himself into a sitting position from his belly though.
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  • DD doesn't crawl or pull herself up yet.  She had her 9 month appt today and doc said she looked fine, she has the strength but just not the interest.  Don't worry, your LO will get there. 

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  • What PPs said.  Every baby is different and will do his/her own thing according to his/her schedule.

    DS is 7.5 months.  He's been army crawling for 1 month now and he's happy as a clam getting around that way.  He occasionally will get on all 4s and rock back and forth, but he doesn't know how to crawl the "right" way.  He doesn't pull up; and when I try to get him to stand, all he wants to do is bend his knees and jump/bounce!  He has no interest in walking.

    OTOH, a baby in my moms group who is 8 months, he has zero interest in crawling.  He fusses every time he's on his tummy.  However, he's walking all over the house with his mom helping. 

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  • Finn started crawling a week after he turned 7 months. Don't worry.
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  • Every baby is different. Don't worry.  DS started crawling just before 7 months old, but DD (now 3) didn't start crawling until 10 months.  So far, both kids are complete opposite. 
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  • DS started crawling about a week ago. He had been rocking back and forth on his hands and knees for about a week before he finally figured it out. Now there's no stopping him!!! He pulled himself up for the first time tonight from a sitting position, but then quickly fell and got mad so that was the end of trying that for tonight! We really haven't given him any specific toys to help him crawl, he just figured it out on his own. Try not to worry to much though about what age other babies are doing it, every baby is different and learns at their own rate :)
  • G is also 7 months and doesn't crawl yet. She only scoots herself backwards a little.
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  • DS is 7 mmonths. He doesn't stand or crawl, doesn't even get up on his knees. Just started sitting unassisted 2 weeks ago.
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    My DD is 6 months old and has traditional crawled for a month now (never army crawled).  She is now starting to crawl to sit (she could sit unassisted at 4 months) and is also trying to put her butt in the air, legs straight so she can stand.  These milestones have been normal for my kids at this age- HOWEVER my kids have also belly slept from birth and I think that makes a big difference.  The core muscles on a belly sleeper are just different then the back sleepers.  No baby is better/smarter because of their milestones.  I can understand you may feel like your baby is "behind" but just let them do it at their own pace- if you push it, you could actually stall them.
  • Dd2 has been doing all of this for 1.5 months, but she doesn't babble real sounds yet. Dd1 crawled around 7 months but didn't pull up till much later and didn't cruise or walk until after 1. But she babbled and talked early. They all have their timeframe, your LO is fine and likely working on othet things you might not notice. Feel free to encourage but he isn't behind and will do everything in time!
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  • Thanks y'all! I appreciate all your advice and comments! 
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  • Don't worry at all... he'll catch up!

    My DS1 (who's now 3 and running/jumping all over the place) didn't army crawl until his 1st birthday and didn't walk until he was 16 months old. He just wasn't interested, besides, we carried him everywhere so why would he be?

    DS2 on the other hand has been army crawling since 6.5 months and yesterday I found him rocking in the all 4's position (he's just about 8mo) and he regularly tries to pull himself up on things. 

    It will happen when he's ready....  and then watch out!

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