3rd Trimester

the wait is killing me!!


 It's 10 days until my due date and the last couple weeks have gone by sooo slow!!  I just want to meet my baby girl!  Anyone else having time move slow for them? How do you help time speed up?

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Re: the wait is killing me!!

  • 10 days to your EDD, but you could and most likely will go over due. Most FTM's do.

    Try to get things done around the house/ outside before baby gets here.

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  • I have been cleaning a lot! And baking! I am a ftm so I'm not anticipating going early. At my 38 week appt my cervix was still high, hard, closed and posterior! Just try to keep yourself busy!
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  • I had the same thing with my first. I picked up a couple of hobbies that occupied my time, crocheting and counted cross stitch. It really helped. You may help yourself out too by working on some freezer meals so that you have them when she gets here!
  • I'm trying to figure out how to slow time down! I'm 32 weeks and starting to panic because we have so much to do and things keep going wrong adding to what we need to do.  just keep yourself busy until then and it will get here before you know it!
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  • I am 8 days over my estimated due date. Just try to stay busy and pretend your not 9 mos pregnant. The more you focus on it and think about it the harder it is. I have been hearing "any day now" for the last month. It is so frustrating! Good luck to you and as slow as time seems right now, once she is here you'll wonder where it went. :)
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  • There isn't much you can do except try to pick up some hobbies and until then, time is going to drag.

  • I'm not as far along as you, but time has been moving pretty quickly. I mean, each day seems to go slowly but when I think of it on a week by week scale, it's speeding by!

    P.S. CORGIS!!!!!!! :D I have one, too! Between mine and my mom's, I have regular entertainment that's free. 

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  • Yesterday was my due date and believe me, time only goes by slower and slower with each passing day :(  At your point, I was able to do a lot still around the house and in baby's room. (I deteriorated quickly, at this point I might as well be a bump on a log.)  I also made some freezer meals - a baked ziti, meatloaf, cookies...I hear they will come in handy when baby arrives!  But unfortunately it does not get better.  This waiting game is by far the WORST part of pregnancy :(:(:( 
  • Just wait... DS was one week late and every day past my due date felt like an eternity! While I was waiting, I did research on what to bring to the hospital and packed my hospital bag. I walked every day to try to induce labor (it didn't work, BTw... Some walking is good but don't overdo it, one day I walked for hours and was SO sore). I also cleaned my entire house from top to bottom. I didn't do this, but you could also work on prepping some food... Freezer meal type stuff... For after baby is born. And if you had a shower, be sure to finish your thank you notes, because it's much harder to get them done once LO arrives!i also spent time online looking at normal, non maternity clothes that I wanted to wear after pregnancy! 



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  • Time is definitely dragging, but as others have said, just try to stay busy.  I have been making freezer meals, I'm getting a facial/haircut/brow wax, all the things that will be more difficult once the little one is here :)

    LOVE your corgi!

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  • Thanks ladies! Glad to know I"m not the only one who feels time is standing still!!  I'm still working so that helps, but tomorrow is my last day.  I have no idea what I'm going to do next week.  I keep telling baby that it's so much more spacious out here and she can come any time! Good luck to all of you!!

     And thanks for the cogri compliments :)  It is going to be an interesting adjustment when baby girl arrives and they have to share our attention.

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  • Oh I am not looking forward to that final count down. I hope you don't have to go over. :)
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  • I understand. I'm only in the beginning of my third trimester and I already feel like I've been pregnant for 10 years. I have way longer to go! Just try to keep yourself busy. Do you have any hobbies? Or read a few good books? Good luck hope she comes soon!
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