Twin discordance

Up until today my twins have measured the same or at least very close. Now there is a 20 percent discordance between them. I have weekly u/s as it is with BPPs every other week. My ob wants to see what happens in the next two weeks before giving a diagnosis. He said its a good possibility that he would take them at 36w. I know that is close to term for twins but it still worries me to no end.

Has anyone been through this before?

Re: Twin discordance

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    I haven't been through this personally but one of my close friends has recently.  One twin had severe IUGR and was later diagnosed as a 'stuck' twin.  He wasn't given any chance to make it.  His water broke right around 30w and they were both delivered a few days later.  Small twin was 1lb 4oz, larger twin was 4lb 4oz.  They both made it.  Small twin spent 80 days in the NICU and larger twin spent somewhere around 60 days.   They are both home and doing well. 

    36w is a great ga for twins. Try not to worry to much. GL!  

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