3rd Trimester

Why Not!?

The baby just finished eating and is sound asleep in her swing, so I thought why not play a game? So ladies, what are you most looking forward to after labor? It was Chipotle and a Margarita for me! Also, sleeping on my stomach again!

Re: Why Not!?

  • Holding my newborn.
  • imageA37licia:
    Holding my newborn.

    This and wine.

    Oh God, wine sounds so good.
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  • imageA37licia:
    Holding my newborn.


  • Running with my son. I'm just a useless, unmotivated lump the past few weeks.
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  • Holding my daughter

    drinking again

    see my son interact with his sister



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  • Holding my newborn.
    A good, whole body stretch and feeling satisified afterward. 
    Sleeping on my stomach. 
    A mexican martini 
    Beef Tartar

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  • 1. Being able to see my feet without bending over so far feeling like I'm going to tip on over at any moment. 

    2. Drinking a beer. Can't say I even really drank that much before my pregnancy, but I think it's the whole someone telling you you can't do it thing that makes you want to do it so much more.

    3. Being able to watch my baby grow and develop outside of me.

    4. People to stop touching my belly.. I'm hoping this will stop after I give birth. ;-)

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  • Holding and nursing my sweet girls 

    Lying on my stomach


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  • I can't wait to play soccer again!

    And do CrossFit properly!!! Actually lift again and push myself.

    It will be nice to have a margarita with my Mexican food again!

    And of course. Meet my sweet little girl and watch her grow!!!
  • Margaritas, sleeping on my stomach, holding my little girl.

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  • I cannot WAIT to meet this little one!! After meeting/holding/cuddling her, I also can't wait to get back to my normal core exercises. Planks are lame and boring when you can't do much else! 
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  • Besides holding the newest addition...a margarita, some sushi and sleeping comfortably (even though I'll be up every few hours...at least when I do sleep it won't be so rough!)

  • A margarita on the rocks with sugar!!!!

    Being able to bend over to pick something out without assuming the football squat. 

  • Holding my daughter
    Being able get out of bed without groaning.
    Some good sex.
    And an ice cold beer.
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  • Enjoying my newborn

     Being able to bend over and put on my shoes with ease.

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  • Meeting my son or daughter
    Better sex positions
    Not having fat swollen feet and wearing normal shoes
    Being off work for a year
  • I will second this one!! Wine sounds amazing! :)  As well as holding her
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  • 1) Meeting the baby and adjusting to our new life 2) Drinking wine 3) Sleeping in any position 4) Normal sex
  • imageA37licia:
    Holding my newborn.

    This and an alcoholic drink.

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  • A non virgin pina colada... or a glass of wine.

    Holding my son.

    No more heartburn. Oh god, no more heartburn sounds GREAT.


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  • My bed rest coming to an end!!!!! Getting back into an exercise routine and being a first time mom to a beautif baby boy!
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  • So many things...

    1. Holding my little girl!

    2. Seeing Daddy interact with his newborn daughter.

    3. Successful BFing 

    3. Eating everything I've avoided due to GD, like a burrito with Mexican rice inside.

    4. Wine, margaritas, and possibly a gin and tonic. 

    5. Being thin again (FX).

    ...I'm so excited to be done being pregnant and start being a Mom.  



  • Being able to walk around a feel mostly normal.  I remember it came back so quickly after DD1 was born.  I felt like a frickin Ninja getting out of bed.  Also can't wait to have a glass or 2 of wine!
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  • Meeting my little girl and adjusting to our new life. :)
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  • So excited to meet my little boy...

    Selfish things... Kickboxing, wine and cleaning without my back killing me, oh and normal sex!

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  •  Seeing and holding this little one...but after that: 

    Getting in and out of the car without pain.

    Holding and carrying my oldest son when I feel like it.

    Having a cold glass of Manny's (beer).

    Sleeping without needing a gazillion pillows to support my huge belly.

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  • holding my daughter of course that's the best. :) ...but other than that drinking a monster. I do miss those. I watch a coworker drink one every day...ugh!!! 
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  • 1. Seeing my little man
    2. Sleeping on my back
    3. Diet Coke
    4. Lots of lattes
    5. Being a normal human being.
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