3rd Trimester

What would you do?

Ok ladies... Here's the deal.

I will be 42 wks on.thursday which is generally as far as most practitioners will allow you to go. By dd was born 42 wks exactly and was small we brought home a 5lb 10oz baby that was 21 inches long

This baby is measuring small ultrasound says its measuring 39 wks and 3 days as if today. Baby has been measuring smaller than uterus and edd the while time.

Baby seems in no distress and placenta still tests that its working well and plenty of amniotic fluid.

Dr wants to induce on Thursday but says he is comfortable with me waiting since all looks well, no distress and I feel fine with plenty of energy I'm still working 50 hrs a wk. He said he has delivered many babies past 42 wks.

I honestly want to wait, I know the risks, but I also know how they said my dd may not have made it being so small had she been born at 40wks...

I'm just curious what u ladies would do. I'm so lost and have such a heavy heart. I've been crying And praying trying to figure out what to do.

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Re: What would you do?

  • How did you get your EDD?  Is it possible that you aren't as far along as you think?  Did you ever have a dating u/s?

    If everything is still looking good and you are passing your stress tests and the placenta is still functioning as it should, I'd wait.  Especially since you are personally still comfortable and want to wait.

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  • They went by the u/s dates and it coincided with dates we Though conception occured. I'm anemic so I don't have regular periods.
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  • It sounds like you want to wait. I would wait. You should wait. 

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  • I'd go with your gut. If you're doc is ok with you waiting a little while longer, and you're more comfortable waiting, say, a few more days, I say do that.


  • If your doctor is comfortable with waiting, I would wait.  Since you are like me and don't have regular periods it's really hard to say whether or not your weeks are being measured correctly or not.

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  • Thanks ladies! U have no idea how comforting ur support is to me right now. I have never been so emotional or on the fence! And my coworkers have been far from supportive saying I was crazy to even think about goings past 42 wks they all had scheduled c sections at 38 and 39 wks.

    Thanks again bc I really have this gut feeling that I need to wait for baby to come on his/her own
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  • If your practitioner is fine with waiting, I would wait. I have a midwife and after you ar 10 days over due date they will run some tests and if baby isn't distressed and mom is doing okay they will let you go longer.

    i will be thinking of you, and good luck making your decision.  I hope all goes well for you! 

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  • I agree that you should keep going as long as your doctor is on board. If you're nervous, maybe ask if you can get some extra monitoring or NSTs. But if the doctor is ok with it, there's no reason to rush!
  • Are they going to be checking on you daily?
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  • If your doctor thinks that waiting is alright then I would wait. 

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  • If your doc is fine waiting, and your babies tend to be small, I would give him all the time he can get to grow and be really ready, and I would NOT induce. You just might carry babies longer, which is completely fine. I know you'll be well monitored.
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    It sounds like you want to wait. I would wait. You should wait.nbsp;

    This. For sure wait.
  • Personally, in the situation you described, I'd wait. I was comfortable until 42 weeks when I was induced, and ended up responding poorly to the cervidil and having an emergency c/s. 

    Why is your heart heavy and why are you crying? I'm a little confused about that part...  

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  • if you want to wait, then wait. Your due date might not be correct or you might just hold on to your growing babies more than average  :-) And especially since first baby was small. Try not to stress, mama!! You have that maternal instinct  :-) And keep praying.... He will give you peace!
  • Based on your experience with DD being so small at 42 weeks and the other information you shared, it sounds like waiting will not pose the same risks for you as it might for someone else. I would wait as long as my doctor is comfortable with the safety and health of us both. Keep us updated and stay well!
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  • As long as your doctor's on board, I don't see why you shouldn't wait.
  • If your gut says wait, and especially if your OB is on board, then wait, and don't let your coworkers get you in a tizzy about it! Your body, your baby, your business, tell them to shut their nosy mouths.

    FWIW, my cousin had a scheduled c-section on her EDD at her doctor's insistence, and while her daughter didn't quite need NICU support, she was definitely not ready to come out yet; she was tiny, and they had major problems with nursing, etc. So, as long as baby is being monitored and doing fine, I'm a big proponent of waiting until they're ready!

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  • Go with your gut. If your doctor says you are fine to wait than you are probably fine. If your LO is not ready in another week then re-evaluate.
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  • You have to go with your gut. If you want to wait then you should wait. 
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