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how long do you let LO cry?

DS did not get enough sleep last night and only had an hour nap, so cranky is an understatement. I'm trying to be patient but most of the day has been crying. I keep reminding him to take deep breaths and talk like a big boy, but the crying continues. I'm trying to just tune it out, but he's making everyone miserable. Can't wait for bed time!!! Lol
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Re: how long do you let LO cry?

  • Tuning it out has become common in our house. I usually just send her to her room and let her cry. Sometimes, it will be for 10 minutes, and she'll come out just fine. Sometimes, it feels like hours and it's over the silliest things.

    If she isn't hurt or need help, then she can cry.  

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  • During the day, I let DD CIO when she's cranky.  We often put her in her crib with her lovie.  She's usually calmer in about 5 minutes.  I think she's cutting her back molars and picking up on the craziness that is my and DH's work lives right now.  (We leave for vacation Fri. night - yeh!!)  She's been a little more whiny than usual.  I feel your pain as does my DCP :-)

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  • LSU628LSU628 member
    WHen DD is whiny or crying I tell her she needs to go to her room until she can stop crying. When she is ready to talk like a big girl, she is more than welcome to come back out of her room. Sometimes she stays just a minute or two, other times it's longer.
  • If he's hurt - as long as he needs, I just hold him.  If he's cranky - I tell him he has 3 seconds to stop crying and then he loses his ninja turtles (or whatever)... Then I do the 1, 2, ... 99% of the time he stops.  If he doesn't, I take the ninja turtles.  Then I give him a second thing, if he doesn't stop crying he loses his iPad time - 1, 2... Never had a problem after he saw I was serious and took something.
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