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What to take for horrible acid reflex?

Tums aren't working.  My throat feels like it is on fire.  I feel like there is something stuck in my throat and I can hardly breathe!  I heard some people take Zantac?  Does that work any better?

Re: What to take for horrible acid reflex?

  • Zantac is da bomb digity



  • imageMommyAmes2:
    Zantac is da bomb digity

    This. I take it twice a day.

    Another thing that helps is propping up the head of your bed when you sleep. The doctor told me to put some 2x4s or bricks under the bed. That way you sleep propped up. It helps keep the acid down.

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  • I was having horrible chest pains with my acid reflux and my doctor said Zantac 150 twice a day and either a Tums or a meal/snack every 2 hours. 

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  • Zantac saved me when my heartburn started getting unbearable.  

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  • I take Zantac 150 like 30 minutes before each meal. It is a life saver.


  • Mine has started to get bad again. A friend suggested to eat sherbet. I don't like taking medicine and each time I've tried to take tums, I've ended up gagging and it just makes it worse. I tried the sherbet thing last night and it really calmed things down and I was able to sleep! Just a random suggestion! :)
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  • Ditto Zantac. My OB advised me to skip the 75 and go straight to 150, and it has made my life much better. Just be aware that you have to remember to take it before you eat anything if you want it to work. I usually take one first thing in the morning and one around the end of my workday.
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  • Zantac 150mg every 12 hours. My OB cleared it and its amazing. Make sure it's plain Zantac.

    As always, give your OB/midwife a call and make sure it's alright before you take any meds.

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  • I was taking Pepcid AC everyday and it wasn't working...so my doc told me to take Prilosec OTC...so far it has worked like a charm. He told me it was a Class B medication, but some sites say it is a C. Either way, I'm trusting him that it is OK to take. I have also done the apple cider vinegar thing-but now I can't stomach it!
  • Ditto PPs, Zantac is fantastic!  Tums was working just fine until about 3 weeks ago and then I was up at 2 am with ridiculous reflux, started Zantac every 12 hrs, 2 Tums before bed, and nothing but water after 7:30 pm and I'm good! 

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  • My doctor prescribed Nexium and holy crap...haven't had any issues since. 
  • imageHappy_Yahoo_Personaler:

    My heartburn was so bad around the 20 week mark that I felt like I could breathe actual fire.  My OB ok'd me to start taking Prevacid.  I did and haven't suffered since.

    But check with your doc before starting anything!


    prevacid has been a life saver for me, too! 

  • Prilosec OTC works well for me. 

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  • skioskio member


    Talk to your doctor. I was up to three Zantac 75s/day, but it stopped working and I ended up on Prevacid. Feel better soon.  

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  • As a person who has suffered from acid reflux/GERD for the last 12 years here's my advice:

    Avoid trigger foods: Citrus foods (oranges, pineapple, lemon, etc), Tomatoes or other acidic foods, Greasy foods, Spicy foods, Caffeine/Alcohol

    Will it cure it... no, but it will make you feel soooo much better.  I actually found out over the last year that it was also being caused by food allergies (dairy/casein and gluten).  The trigger foods would make it even worse.  
    I have only had a few flair ups in the pregnancy for which I am grateful.  This last month of pregnancy has been the worst because baby boy is squishing everything and I haven't been eating as well. 
    Hope this helps and I hope you feel better :)  

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  • My OB told me to take prilosec...I've only taken it if it gets REALLY bad though and nothing else will take the edge off. I also just recently discovered papaya capsules (you can get them at natural food stores) and unlike tums you can take as many as you want. I have found that it actually works pretty well and I have yet to have tums/prilosec since starting them a week ago.
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  • A probiotic daily and a papaya enzyme supplement work well. Ranitidine (Zantac) helpful too. 
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