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Hello Ladies!

I recently failed my GD test and have been advised that i have GD:( For me this is very overwhelming and makes me mad since i have made such an effort to eat well this pregnancy. 

Nonetheless, i do not see a dietitian for a couple weeks and need to start asap with controlling my GD. However, i am LOST as to what a days worth of meals would look like. (ex. breakfast, how many carbs/protein and what carbs and protein i am suppose to eat0

Anyone with suggestions? Websites? Books?


Thank You


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Re: gestational diabetes

  • I thought it was the end of the world too but it's really not. there's nothing you did wrong to cause it so try not to let it get to you.  the link PP mentioned is VERY helpful.  I try to eat things I liked before but portion it so that it fits into the GD diet.  I was a pretty healthy eater to begin with so if you are like me it won't be too hard.  just make sure to balance your meals and at least get the minimum amount of carbs with each plus protein.  the most annoying thing for me is wanting a huge bowl of ice cream and not being able to have it since all I crave is ice cream haha 


    edit : I'm also all for ease of meals and measuring so I buy things that have the nutrition  listed on them.  my favorite work lunch is premade salads from my grocery store (they have several different kinds and have either chicken or turkey in them) a yogurt, and either fruit or crackers and pimento cheese.  I do really well with this meal.   I also scoped out the restaurants and fast food places online that I sometimes go to and made a list of things I can eat at each place on my phone so when I need something quick I already know what I can eat. 

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  • Can you move your appt up?  Seems like meeting with the dietician is crucial at first, reading stuff can help reinforce what he/she says.
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  • It's been about four weeks since I was diagnosed. I was seriously upset about it. As in, I cried multiple times over it the first couple weeks. I hate feeling restricted and limited as to what I can eat. To be honest, I still hate doing this diet, but I'm emotionally dealing with it quite a bit better. I think I only cried once in the last week! :-P

    As far as your diet, you're going to want to limit your carbs. Check out labels, you're looking at the "total carb" line. I get 30 carbs for breakfast, and 30-45 carbs for lunch and dinner. Snacking in between meals is encouraged, within the carb range of course. Think heavy protein and fiber. PP's link should be helpful to you. Good luck!

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  • It took me 10 days to get in with the dietician. So in the meantime I educated myself like crazy and put myself on the diet. I also scoured the Babycenter link that was posted for you above, so go check out all her posts. She really breaks it down. Also there are a ton of us with GD on High Risk board. Come on over. Meantime here is a quick breakdown of what I do. 

    Fasting number - below 90

    Breakfast - 30 grams of carbs, 7-14 grams protein. Test 1 hour after and have it be below 140. My favorite right now are two Vans whole grain waffles with almond butter. Sometimes I add a hardboiled egg on the side. No fruit at this meal.

    Morning snack - 15 grams of carbs,  7 grams protein. Usually crackers and cheese. Still no fruit. No testing. 

    Lunch - 45 grams of carbs. I usually have a sandwich - chicken salad, whole grain bread, side salad or fruit. Test 1 hour, under 140.

    Afternoon snack - same as AM (fruit OK, no test)

    Dinner - 45-60 grams of carbs. Fruit OK. Test 1 hour, under 140.

    Bedtime snack - I used to have cottage cheese and crackers. I've since dropped this out due to going on Insulin, and I also eat dinner late. 

    You can get a script for your blood glucose monitor even before meeting with your   dietician and get started testing.  Its pretty simple to figure out. I also sat down and went through my favorite foods and put together some simple meal ideas. The first two days I was religious about counting everything. Now I just know what it takes to keep my carbs in range (I know how many carbs my favorite foods have roughly). I still track on MyFitnessPal.com (they have a great app too).  


  • I would push for a quicker appointment personally if possible.  I would be driven nuts with the waiting.  I research everything to pieces but like hearing from experts as well.

     I can't speak for everyone, but I was advised that for pregnancy that the blood glucose numbers should be:

    fasting = under 90
    One hour After Eating = Less than 130
    Two hours after Eating = Less than 120

    You can get a blood glucose monitor for relatively cheap before the meeting, however you may get a free one at your appt.  

    Keep a log of the food you eat daily in the meantime, so when you meet the dietician, you can review.  That way they can give you insight on your choices and how it will affect your sugar levels

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