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Hard day " Venting don't mind me"

Hi ladies

I had a rough day today and I just need to vent and let it all out

Had to take my children to childcare on my way to doctors day started out good until we got to 2 blocks from where we were going realized I forgot to bring snacks not that big of a deal there was a bakery/ cafe so got healthy snacks and juice for children for me ordered a sugar free decaff well my toddler 3.5 and special needs changes her mind after I pay for everything then she lays down on the floor and has a full blown meltdown over wanting mommy's drink I just ignored the meltdown and went to a table started feeding her younger brother then after like 5 to 10 minutes of screaming she stopped and then she pushed her brother off a chair ( she got a time out ignored while I babied her brother)  , then I dropped them off at day care and went to my appointment , appointment went well while in the appointment for anon stress test of baby ( yes I'm 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant ) my husband called to let me know that he was stuck at work and I'd need to pick up the children not a big deal well on the bus ride home daughter yells at the top of her lungs she's going to break the bus when a bigger lady boarded and sat down I told my daughter that's not nice to say people come in all shapes and sizes I apologized to the lady , I said I'm sorry my daughter has no filter and says what ever she's thinking without thinking about other people's feeling. after the bus we had lunch and 2 more meltdowns had to go to pharmacy to pick up medications and store to get some necessary stuff store she kept screaming and refusing to walk , I could not pick her up as she is to heavy and her brother is on my back asleep finally get out of store and last stop is library to get a much needed book that's been placed on hold then back on bus to go home she had 3 more screaming meltdowns before we got home once home she decided to throw a all out head banging screaming fit so I made her go to her room she fell asleep dinner was a screaming hissy fit as was bath time she refused to go to bed it's now 10 pm and I've finally gotten her to quite screaming , today is one of those days where I wish I couldn't hear her screaming

end of vent 

Re: Hard day " Venting don't mind me"

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