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Prenatal exercises in Buck County???

Hey anyone know of a good place for prenatal Pilates??? I can find yoga places but don't know of anywhere that does Pilates. But if you love your prenatal yoga location let me know as well I'd love to start soon :) 


Re: Prenatal exercises in Buck County???

  • Not sure about pilates, but I take the prenatal yoga class at Yogasphere in Newtown, and it's GREAT. Had only dabbled in yoga here and there prior to the class, but the instructor is great and they provide all level of modifications for poses if you need them. Really relaxed environment overall, and I highly recommend it! They just started offering postpartum yoga classes as well for after baby comes, and I am hooked and will definitely be signing up once the time comes for that.
  • I go to the Prancing Peacock in Yardley. It's a great class (yoga not pilates) and the instructor is awesome! We've formed a pretty close community. The girls usually go out for lunch afterwards.  They plan on carrying us forward with a mommy and me class too because it's such a great group.   I also like it because its not in a shopping center/sterile environment.  It's a family business and located on 12 acres of wooded property.  Our instructor gives us the exercises we want, so if you want something that's more aerobic, she'll oblige.  
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